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While like for all, temple visits would be a no, lacking spiritual interplay Net marriages would get a no too. But then, all would not be lost for them. While temple’s high tech brought live darshan to their homes, video interconnections made group bhajans possible. ‘Xooming’ in atheist China was smiling! While karma explained the disease and the denials outside, if not God is everywhere home temples fulfilled the worshiping wish inside. Uniquely having techniques like yoga, meditation, and tantra the self-reflection enticed by the blockade led to the seeking of one’s inner truth – The Self. Although, lesser cases in Hindu majority India can be explained by its leadership, almost like the puzzle of why India did not become Islamic like Iran and Egypt despite 700 years of Muslim rule very low case numbers in its showpiece island, Bali, can’t be explained. Yes, the law still helps all communities in marriage and death. The consequent glee among the atheists, however, it will only be temporary (see below). The Prevention: Yes, lockdown helps in the dearth of a cure but if not for work, we need to go to the dangerous outside world for food, medicine, and other essentials. It is thus imperative that we know what protects us and what doesn’t: 1. The Soap: We are lucky that not by costly chemotherapy, radiation, or operation but by dissolving the viral coating of fat our ordinary soap easily kills the bug. Since hand touches the nose/mouth area – the gateway for the virus, hand wash with soap is therefore the cheapest and the best way to safety. However, since hand has crevices between fingers a good 20 seconds wash of all of its parts is crucial. Also, while a wash BEFORE a touch prevents transmission to others, wash AFTER the touch alone, saves oneself. The ‘touch me not’ era doesn’t lessen its importance for we touch many contaminated things. 2. Alcohol Spirit: Being more sensitive than other respiratory viruses in destroying its genome 30% alcohol does kill the bug. But not when the mucus is rather thick. As discussed earlier, like drinking and driving and drinking and staying at home aren’t good, sending the killer into the wrong tube by drinking it to kill the pneumonia bug isn’t good either. However, spraying alcohol into the throat and over the lips and nose areas isn’t a bad idea. 3. The Heat: With 4C making the bug survive for 28 days; eating soiled ice-cream may not be as good as it tastes. Yes heating kills and as high temperature, it’s even used to sterilize gadgets in hospitals. But, thankfully gas, electric, and microwave heating kill the bugs at home. Half cooked meat is not good, not especially when 5K of meat industry workers have tested positive. Also, sunshine might feel good enough to take Laurel and Hardy for a holiday in the Sahara Desert and look promising but while its UV light hasn't proven itself its heat that dries clothes brilliantly and is intolerable after a couple of hours isn’t enough to kill the devil. 4. The Mask: It’s not that masks don’t help; almost like contraceptives, they do in various degrees. Despite the dedication in its making for service of people, having large pores, cloth masks offer little protection. With it blocking 95% of 0.3 μm particles, even if 97% of cough aerosol are less than 1 μm in size the N95 (FFP3) stamped face masks are effective. But, they are not without problems. While they are in short supply, , unlike in lab the sucking of air during inspiration easily pulls viruses from the unsealed mask edge-skin gap. Also, while being disposable its repeat use doesn’t help, when it helps, its long term use lessens gut flora. Because it lessens forceful ejection of aerosols while coughing, sneezing, and even talking, it lessens viral spread by a +ve person. Because of the above and eyes still remaining uncovered, it can give a false sense of security. The surgeon used mask with visor protects eyes too. 5. Eye Protection: With a tube connecting eyes and nose – the gateway for the virus, yes eye protection is needed. Shielding against both the cough and sneeze propelled gush and the contaminated air yes not the fashion one but the swimmer used goggles do help. It’s good that visors that protect against the sneeze and cough gush do also have masks but eyes are open to contaminated air. 6. The Gloves: If sterile or free of the virus, like in surgery, gloves certainly protects others from our viruses, it does not always protect us from theirs, though. With our hands instinctively touching our nose every 2-5 minutes like baby’s hand in the mouth, contaminated gloves instead could bring a disaster and unaccustomed removal could contaminate the removing hand. 7. The Shoes: All talk of protection from aerosol, but then all of those are ultimately pulled down to the ground by gravity - where its count is much more and lives a lot longer. A pharmacy floor was 100% positive. There is no talk of shoes, but it is a good walk that brings bad bugs to our feet/shoes. Although, we have an ailment called foot and mouth disease, unlike babies we can’t and don’t bring our feet to our mouths. But, while shoes from outside themselves contaminate our home floor, their removal brings the bugs onto our hands. While, hand washing, therefore, becomes vital, keeping shoes outside, or washing it with soap water or alcohol or soap water floor moping inside helps., pub-2949090015312524, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0, pub-2949090015312524, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0, pub-2949090015312524, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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