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book on empowerment
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implementing it not only becomes a misguided luxury, it can legally be argued as a case of criminal intent. But then, having said that the lockdown cannot go on and on! It will create its own havoc described below. So what is the solution? Segregation of People: The Only Way Although, it reminds one of the struggles of South Africa’s Mandela and America’s King, the only way forward that I can see is the segregation of the people. It may do the painful reminder but it has nothing to do with race relations. The procedure should be as follows. First, make the testing kit as available as the blood sugar kit and do the test daily. Then like chat groups, create village groups or isolated localities split by tests. While positive ones should be allowed to interact, work, play, and shop in the +ve areas, -ve ones would do the same in theirs. This type of segregation lessens contact but restores near normalcy too. Post-infection immune can come to –ve side if research says they are not infective. If unsure, the +ve side looks more +ve. Dangers if not: If not done, these four scenarios might prove very dangerous. 1. The Animals: Women may feel ‘chocolate taster’ as their best job (let’s not think about men) but it is toxic to dogs. We just aren't similar. Are we? Being different, even this bat virus that is ruling the world today had to get a modification via pangolin to infect us. But there are other ways too. Yes, the selfish cat is part of our family, but it also has its own genetic kinship. Although the learned ones aren't quite sure of our loved ones, the cats, catching a cold from us, their bigger cousin, the tiger, seems to catch COVID-19. Yes on a bright morning the COVID-19 +ve New York zookeepers, suddenly heard a cough rather than a roar without voice changer emerging from their caged striped animal. Amazing to many, that was shocking to us. With viruses observing the same rules in its killing and those ‘foresty things’ not even having gone through toilet training, in that case, the animal to animal spread could be massive. Even if they don't usually cough and don't know what a snog is, their ways of showing love by leaking and playing may spread the virus. Yes, we got it from animals and gave it back to them. Also, with animal trade bringing in good cash, crossing continents would not be difficult for the virus. Moreover, unlike for killing, for spreading the virus animal infection isn't necessary. The scarier thing is that like an asymptomatic career spreading to all; just skin contamination by one animal's body skin to another is enough to spread the bugs. At home also it is no different. Unlike a tied dog, corona +ve owner cuddled selfish cat can easily transfer its skin or mouth viruses to the next door cat during their playing and licking sessions! Their playful contacts of their bodies are no different from our banned handshakes. At home also it is no different. Unlike a tied dog, corona +ve owner cuddled selfish cat can easily transfer its skin or mouth viruses to the next-door cat during their playing and licking sessions! The playful contacts of their bodies are no different from our banned handshakes. While that contact transmission isn't talked about, transmission through vectors isn't even mentioned. Yes, our bug is a respiratory virus and one may argue otherwise. But the vectors that caused malaria (mosquito) and cholera (flies) or others can still transfer our current mortal enemy to another person's hand. After that, all the virus needs to do to cause mayhem is to entice a bit of human instinct that makes us touch our mouth and nose every few minutes - the virus's heavenly gates. Almost like history, these processes can go on repeating. From animals, it came and to animals, we gave it back to complete a cycle, but when it returns back from animals the second time we will all be dead. 2. The Infective State: With it taking away less than 5% of the infected its mortality rate isn’t a major problem but its rapidity of spread and it induced rapid death is. This is not to mention the social and economic havoc that it has caused. Almost like a double-blind trial, if given half a chance a surreptitious asymptomatic to asymptomatic spread is a big problem. With today’s –ve easily becoming +ve tomorrow, the finding of +ve test in 15% of normal women at delivery suggests an unexpected deep penetration without the blockade. As a part of innate immunity, yes phagocytes eat the viruses and after 5 days virus-specific antibodies enter the fray to poison them. Thus, if the viral dose isn't high and/or immunity is strong, the bug count (genes) goes down to zero; antibody titer goes up. In the cured scenario, antibodies should become positive and virus-negative. If however, the viral test becomes +ve after cure, it could be false –ve earlier, reinfection or just a sensitive Korean kit detecting RNA fragments. China even adds symptoms after apparent recovery. In this, while a reinfection from outside could herald a viral mutation which, however, is ‘amenable’ to lockdown that from inside the body could herald an opportunist bug cocooned in the cells. Either way, this news sounds extremely dangerous. This post-infection vulnerability (in fact lung changes increases it), as opposed to immunity after chickenpox or measles, is bad for the patient. The recurrent +ve blood through a recycled virus isn’t good for humans either. It’s because, unlike the +ve status of HIV, not needing sex or even a snog for a spread, this ‘permanently’ +ve state just needs an air-polluting chat. 3. Difficult Treatment: Even if the sun does not help us, we know how to kill the bugs outside the body - but not quite inside. Unlike the vaccines for episodic measles and seasonal flu viruses, even our common cold virus doesn’t have a vaccine. It’s because like a chameleon's color changes its 160 strains make
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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