book on empowerment
book on empowerment
book on empowerment
book on empowerment
book on empowerment
book on empowerment
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B. The Good Effects: Although, we still come across fights, while buying even toilet papers (not sure why those papers) the safe distance and the discipline maintained by the people only remind us, what was shown by the Japanese after an earthquake. Violators, even if political leaders, suddenly turned 'idiots'. BT's 'it’s good to talk' has never been so true, for without the telephone psychiatrists alone would trace Helen Killers 'The world is so beautiful'. While free calls made the talk carelessly endless, sending that freedom globally free app videos even made wrinkles appear large and the world small. Realizing the viral mood change causing human mood change, while saner and adult sites eased their subscriptions, re-telecast was the talk of the town. With talk reduced to app chats and ‘mum won’t let me go out’ doing a vanishing trick, generation gap irritation was as quiet as a whisper. Yes, adult sites boasted global figures, the stats of kids clicking ‘I am an adult’ in their sites were even quieter. Yes, history repeats but not alone. A repeat of blockbusters even made new heroes out of the old ones - not to mention the old series getting a new lease of fame. In fact, in India a re-telecast of its old grosser, Ramayana series beat Hollywood to become the most-watched entertainment show in theworld. People’s Creativity: It wasn’t a bad time for creativity at all. While writers found a golden chance (free time) to create books they also found readers with spare time! And Net did not deny them their publication rights. In fact, the subject, free time, and software/apps not only brought in many newly created products; social media brought them both fame and cash. Death being very close will writers, did not see unemployment either. While homemade stuff like cooking, exercise and dresses had a good time, tracing necessity is the mum of invention arriages that were made in heaven now were made on theinternet. Outside wasn’t bad either. While discrediting global warming predictions it decreased air pollution in Europe, it reduced fights in Africa. Pictures didn’t need the latest gadgets to look clear. North Indians didn’t need zooming in to view beautiful Himalayan peaks either. While reclaiming their previous men grabbed lands and getting a bit of space and wondering 'Are all these people dead?' animals happily took to the quiet streets, getting a bit of a privacy Pandas showed a very much desired flirting in a Hong Kong zoo. Even Iran showed ingenuity with a car park cinema. As if airing, not all capitalists are bad, while rivals Google and Apple came on the same side with contact trace, some banks offered 3 months mortgage holiday. Seeing doctors in distress GMC postponed its re-validation to the next year. The Change in Philosophy: Well, death was always as certain as the tax. Possibly lacking the tax date of April 4, it has never entered our routine fears though. Fear of family, society, law, and God alone did the restraining bit for us – Homo sapiens. As we shall see below, for now, the fear of death has dramatically entered the stage – or us to be precise. With the number of deaths ever so increasing in Italy and Spain; and other countries competing with those figures, fear hasn’t sent the stock market alone down, it has made our hearts sink too. Arnold may be alive, but almost like the Terminator, this virus is demolishing everybody. Our wealth, luxury, lineage, political power, intelligence or knowledge that held us distinct and give us our daily pride, boastfulness and arrogance did nothing to save us. The 'their virus' would now be 'our virus'. That 'our' could descend from nation to one's family, and then suddenly and unknowingly become even scarier – 'my virus' - as Mr. Johnson realized. Suddenly, seeing 'valueless' money thrown on Italian streets (now fake) & great leaders being as easily ill as our next-door neighbor a new philosophy emerged. Not done by 12 yearly Hindu Kumbha Mela gathering or yearly Islamic Haj, yet as if workers of the world unite' worked and communism was at its peak, humanity showed equality for once. Being genuine; in front of the virus, some were not more equal. Furthermore, love and affection that constitutes our society and civilization by suppressing our survival of the fittest instinct remained in our hearts alone. The reason was simple. It was denied expression by a 'no' to the beloved relatives on the hospital wards and by a big NO to the mortuary - where dead bodies were swallowed by fire. Religious or social dignity to the dead was denied as was the final expression of love or help for the afterlife. But then, with duty reigning supreme as opposed to the French Revolution glamorized, ‘Right of Man’, none brought in any ‘boiling blood’ for a second revolution. As if tracing it, the situation outside the hospitals was no better. The 'touch me not' teaching that is so apt during surgery, has brought in an enormous social upheaval, where an expression of love and the care of the ill which is so part of us being human is either not allowed or not done out of fear. The rush to visit the loved ones isn't there. Civilization suddenly seems to have collapsed and survival of the fittest does seem to fit in instead. But like the killing that is made a murder or an act of bravery, intentions, at least, still keep our civility. But then, suddenly there is a sense of emptiness in our lives; almost like that which perhaps stimulated the discovery of the Indian Zero. However, as if answering one of the three questions of Leo Tolstoy, humanity recognized the most important person. The Oscar guzzling entertainment heroes of Hollywood, thus, suddenly were not the true heroes anymore. Even they said so!
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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