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Since our book has more than 150 subjects discussed, we call it an encyclopedia. The subject matter included are chapters on faith (Christianity, Islam Judaism and Hinduism), atheism, revolutions that have shaped the modern civilization, women empowerment and many other subjects not usually comprihended by the ordinary mind. Reflecting that fact we have created several accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Gogle Plus etc. The good news, for you, is that according to your interest and aptitude, you can choose which ever acount you want to follow.
WOMENSPOWERBOOK Here you will find Tweets that relate to the book, writing, issues, publishing etc. It has intellectuals as followers. WOMENSPOWERCEN Follow this Twitter, if you are keen on women power. You will meet women. professionals here, FAITH ATHEISM NUB Follow this Twitter account, if you want to see a beautiful world with many perspectives. We discuss about all the religions of the world. We also bring atheists here. gWOODI Follow this Twitter account if you are a follower of impressive women. TOPMOSTSHOP Follow this Twitter if you want to learn about web-designing, and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. MODERNWORLD CEN Follow this Twitter, if you are keen on the developments that are happening in the modern world. FUTURE WORLD CEN Follow this handle, if you are a Nastrodumus’ fan, astrologer, futurologist or a person interested in future. REVOLUTIONS CEN Follow this Twitter handle, if you believe in different types of revolutions i.e political, religious, economic etc (.. and not just political).
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Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
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