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The American Presidential Elections 2016: Will Hillary or Trump Win in The Social Media And The Main Media Battle?
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The Politicking: Every-day the globally expected election is coming an inch closer. Right from the astrologers, futurologists, politicians, demographers to psychologists all are having a field day offering opinions to their respective audiences. Above all, however, business is booming says the traditional media. Almost indicated by 'one week is a long time in politics', politics is a dirty game that does not hesitate to change minds to become friends and foes very quickly. Emotions are high too and clashes do happen. But then, even if we saw Hilary relaying the advice she got from Michelle Obama, 'Even if they go low you go high', this election campaign has gone really low. A candidate threatening opponent to jail is as low as it got. Forget candidates; as if seeing the low, even the commentators/critics say that it is a bout between a 'crook' and a 'psychopath'. It certainly seems that both the candidates are not really fit to be the president of the United States, let alone become a world leader. But then almost suggested by 'world is full of surprises', their ways don't matter as this article says, both automatically become fit. Either winner can occupy the Oval Office. Irrespective of that, however, the dislike of both the candidates isn't good for America. But then, forget the impressions given by them, rest don't look innocent either. For example, if Fox News was to be believed, American media like CNN and other media houses have forgotten their professional neutrality too. They are said to have ordered their employees to go against Donald Trump! Well media could be charged for uttering rubbish for cash, but one would expect neutral agencies to remain unbiased. With the second debate showing Donald Trump being pressured on his offensive comment made many years ago but Hillary's recent deletion of emails not given as much prominence, and Hillary being asked to give a rebuttal but Trump having to ask for his rebuttal rights in addition to him being interrupted several times does indicate that even neutral institutions are not quite up to the mark. As if airing the power and privilege enjoyed by the Clintons, in his own way, Trump even says he may not accept the verdict. The Stars of The Show Trump's Australian interview suggests that he enjoyed a flamboyant lifestyle then, and was not thinking about a keenly watched political future. But then, his future surprisingly not only has brought him into politics but has made him face his past too! Not being heard of earlier, Trump just came from the cold. By including unusual and radical statements and in a rather strange body language his speeches tempted the not so satisfied people. And noticing that and 'business booms when people gather' media could not remain aloof. Although shown to mock him about, almost as a blessing in disguise, the media made him known to the average Americans. This projected clown's message, however, was not always funny. His anti Muslim immigrants stand and the desire to bring back the glory of America attracted many. With Germany's Angela Merkel having added Syrian immigrants to the already fearful Europe and the consequent rapes of the local girls, and American prestige going for a recession following 9/11 his messages did not come in the wrong time. In fact, with his messages almost approaching Obama's 'Yes we can' he almost became a saviour for many. But then, while his making the Muslim immigrants as an object of fear made him famous, making him as a fear for the country made Hillary increase her chances, in turn. Now it was his luck's turn to support him because Hillary was no saint either. But then, being an ex president's wife, having tried to go to the Oval office on her own right earlier, having served as president Obama's secretary, people being well aware of her intension to stand and many feminists wanting a first female president Hillary needed no introduction. Furthermore, unlike the novice, Trump she was already used to the power, privilege and connections on the Capital Hill arena. Media and the powerful people, who mattered were in her side. In addition, unlike the faultless and charismatic 'yes we can' man in her previous bout with Obama, she now enjoyed a grossly faulty man. No wonder Trump had to do the catching up, rather than lead in the opinion polls. In such circumstances, she would almost exclaim with delight, 'let there be voting now'. Almost suggesting it being a battle between the traditional media and the social media, it was only the occasional leaks from the WikiLeaks, that would lessen her prospects and convert the linier poll rating graph to a stock market one.
The Freedom to Choose a Leader: Yes, America is a free and a democratic country that prides itself in having the ability to choose its president. If critics were to be believed, however, the people today have no choice but to elect either a 'crook' or a 'psychopath'. If allegations surface as truth, both, in fact, could go to jail. What Trump has done is wrong but a country where sexual revolution is raging like a bull, even porn effected boys are seen to see girls as sex objects. Sure many ordinary men have no access to and therefore, show respect to women but being a capitalist county, where money and power are cherished, the women surrounded rich do not always show the same respect for women. While Trump reflected that privileged position, presidents aren't always free of sin. While the likes of Bill Clinton and Kennedy's sexual antiques are known, George Washington himself owned slaves. If he is pinned down on that, future presidential candidate will have a rougher time. Strangely enough, Hillary's bad past isn't free of sex either. She is said to have badly treated women, who alleged her husband of sexual misconduct!. While her lies about the landing in Sarajevo is well-known, her role in the death of the American Ambassador to Libya, is serious. Her Clinton foundation alone getting fatter and fatter after the Haiti tragedy is not good. While her using private emails for official purposes was dangerous, her deleting of more than 30000 emails after the subpoena, wasn't quite legal. Although the email's connections with the POTUS, and possibly Clinton's own connections saved her from further investigation, a new revelation by the authorities to investigate her has given her a headache.
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