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book on empowerment
book on empowerment
book on empowerment
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book on empowerment
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Dealing With Groceries And Posts: Yes, being locked up, we usually don’t venture out. While posts/parcels are thrust upon us at home, we venture out to get groceries and medicine. The question is, how do we deal with them? Here is the advice that helps: Groceries: Whether it is ‘click and collect’ or actual shopping at the groceries these measures help. Before You Start: The ‘get set’ to the supermarket should include a face and hand wash with soap. While alcoholic spray in the nasal passages, throat, and hands protect them, mask with visor if not goggles, do protect eyes too. During Shopping: Even if sneezing and coughing aren’t noticed crowd in the supermarket don’t offer virus-free air. Even if the social distance is maintained, presuming air isn’t clean social chat should be transferred to the home phone. Since buying can’t avoid a touch and instinct forces our hands to touch the face, control of that instinct is wise- especially if the mask isn’t worn. Also, less time there might make you live longer! At Home: Yes, the car cannot be sanitized but its keys can be with a bit of alcohol spirit. Since shoes carry loads of bugs, keep them outside. Washing them with soap or praying them with alcohol before entering the house does help. Also remove all bags, packets, and masks and put them in a bag to dispose of in the bin outside. All fruits, vegetables, polythene packaged foodstuff (powder or granules), and milk bottles, if possible, should be put in a sink full of soap and water, and left there for about 5 minutes. Then wash and dry them and then transfer them to a fridge, freezer, or other desired places. Remember, fridge/freezers aren’t really our friends here as the bugs survive there longer. To play safe, the outer garments can be hung and not touched or can be put in the washing machine. While mopping the floor with soap/detergent and water helps, not eating half-cooked food helps more. The heat from the microwave, gas, and oven can all kill the devil. The Brought Medications: Yes medicines may produce a challenge but throwing away its cover and packet, and soap wash of the strips do help. While anything sterile does not need a wash, loose tables or liquid need soap washing of the bottles. The Delivered Posts: Receiving post still excites us unless they are bills, but since they can neither be heated nor washed opening them often needs a battle cry. Yes wearing half sleeves and opening them is the only way. Also, while the not needed letters and all envelopes should go to the outside bin and the ‘later required documents’ should head for the garage till a safe time (and brought to file after months), the urgent ones should be dealt with (signed and sent) as needed. Finally, hand wash including forearm wash should prevail again.
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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