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American Presidential Elections 2016: Can The Republican Donald Trump Win? What if he Becomes The President?
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The US Media and Donald Trump's rise American election has always invoked a global interest. This time, it even has a man, who himself is globally interesting. Although he is said to be press made, he actually is a 'one statement' man - 'We will temporarily block the entry of immigrant Muslims'. While businessmen seeking sales in a crowd is known, reporters don't seem to be much different. As a symbiotic use, while reporters saw an odd speaker and a crowd puller, the odd speaker saw media exposure. This symbiosis would make him the most talked about man in the US - in both the traditional and social media. This red haired billionaire, however, couldn't afford the luxury of praise. While his intelligence got a 'fool', social skills a 'hatemonger' and facial anatomy an 'ugly', his faith that remained also did not get spared. So, when the faith supremo, Pope, forgot the Vatican's future dealings with the world leader, as a Vicar of Rome he indirectly suggested that Trump wasn't a Christian. Forget personality, God or faith, even him as 'talk of the town' got brushed off as a 'media creation'. Him reigning over a billion mattered less and him reigning over the Capital Hill was a no, even from Ted Cruz. The only thing that came out of this for Trump was '..any advertisement is a good advertisement'. It seems that Trump has only a small chance of winning the US presidential election 2016? Can Donald Trump win the election? Yes, political pundits fail and exit polls even during election don't give a straight answer to the election results. And special interest groups, evangelical Christians, their companies, oil companies, etc. that influence the US elections don't make it easy either. However, the following factors do play a role. The promise for a better future: Election is all about 'It's bad now, we will make it better in the future'. And if rightly done, especially after Obama, one can even hope for a premature Nobel Prize. But then, the present doesn't seem to change, for the future generally matches the present. Even if predicting the future is difficult, Churchill, at least, facilitates the promise with 'A leader predicts what will happen in the future and explain why it didn't happen'. The slogan: Promise gives hope alone but slogan gives the drive. When promise gets elevated to slogans, effects are very different. While many offered promises, the drive like 'yes we can' not only made the Afro- American Obama president of the US but brought him a Nobel prize as well. The looks: Looks matter and in a competitive glamorised world, even men use cosmetics. Politics is no different. It aided Tony Blair against in his rival Ms Becket in the Labour party leadership election and it pushed JFK almost to the level of Elvis. The oratory skills: Irrespective of slogan and promise, oratory skill alone can draw people. But when they together do a 3 in 1, history is made. Obama could not match JFK in looks, but his coherent oratory skills mesmerised people, and after listening to his speech even the intelligent ones wanted to vote for him. The intelligence: Of course, intelligence helps tremendously, but with the campaign being a team effort, it isn't essential. Even if we were to forget the ones without much intelligence in history, the elected president George Bush glitters as an example. Strangely, it even finds a matching pair with voters. No wonder, a UK tabloid once screamed in its headline 'How could millions of Americans be so stupid to elect George Bush? The religion: Even if we forget the porn guzzling church goers, Jesus' love but not Biblical rule following lot or bestsellers from Hitchens and Dawkins as if through the effort of millionaire evangelists, America is still a religious country. And Protestant Christianity is the rule. While a Catholic JFK had to clarify that he will not be influenced by the Pope to succeed in politics, some in the most successful group, Hindus, see conversion to Christianity almost as a necessity. But then, it is encroached from both the sides - atheism and Islam. Like the atheists, there is rise and rise of the Muslims (migrants & converts). Yet they amount to only a few million and deaths from gun, lobby's guns, is more frequent. But fear invoked by Islam after 9/11, is much higher. With many Caucasian Americans finding comfort in Islam, Muslims do not make a race. However, the fear of being labelled as a racist makes Americans say less in public. But voting is a private matter. So, although it is said, 'things done in private doesn't matter', this private act matters - for it elects a president. That too a global leader!! Election data In a multiparty system, a party can gobble up smaller party followers. In the case of the US, right from the days of Jefferson just two groups, Federalists and Republicans emerged, and two party system became the norm. Voters are likewise traditionally divided into the Republican and the Democratic Party supporters. Such a big fuss is just about a smaller group - the undecided voters, who can be helped with their decisions - or rather cajoled. The media: When billions are at stake, media doesn't shy away but actually does the staging - a la wrestling match. While it brings people to its gadgets full of election drama, mesmerises them and invokes interest on elections, party advertisements direct the curious to the parties.
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