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While lessening water bubble size and weight low humidity increases free infectious viruses in the air, lessening defensive mucus lining in the lung pipes to mop virus out, it increases infection too. Conversely, giving a bigger cover and heavier weight, high Humidity (10gms) makes it less infective. Thus, while 37-63F makes Europe close to the ideal, not quite modernity but a recording of 5-11C and low humidity make cities the chosen domicile. The comfortable home heating does help the virus, not us. The tragedy of this virus spread is that while only 5% are critical and 15% have severe infections, it’s the infection transmitting 80% with minor or no symptoms that are a problem says WHO. But then, with it getting only 5 days to cause symptoms (cough fever & shortness of breath) and remain infective only for 7 days from the transmission, unless 14 days of WHO is true, its fight is against time too. The Disease: Although called ‘corona’ virus, almost keeping with the family trade - like its cousin SARS - this virus is a respiratory bug not a cranial virus. Once the virus enters the nostrils through droplets or the hand, inhalation gives it a good ride to the throat and then to the lungs. Like the saying, 'it licks the throat and bites the lungs', it’s the lung infection that makes it deadly. Reliant on the virus’s dose and the immunity of the host, the person could have no symptoms and just be a carrier, have a flu-like cough, sneeze, sore throat and fever, or have full-blown pneumonia itself. With the latter making the lungs full of inflammatory fluid, either oxygen helps or a ventilator is craved for. If that doesn’t come close; death does. Thus, parallel to its spreading speed, death doesn’t take long. A bit of bodily discomfort before sleep could convert the live body to a corpse the next day! Being hell-bent on a killing spree and true to its desire to go for the jugular, this respiratory virus also makes itself available in our disposable body secretions e.g. saliva, nasal secretion and faeces. The Diagnosis: While the triad of cough, fever, and breathing problems (dyspnoea) takes doctors closer to the diagnosis, time taking throat swab culture confirms it. Although gadget dependent, gene and antibody tests in the blood are quicker with results, while former gets a 'remnant gene can give false-positive test' from South Korea, latter gets a 'false sense of immunity' from WHO. The Origin And Global Spread of COVID-19: 'OGK- Only God knows', said this atheist scientist, who was sure of us coming from Africa. We only know that it killed a lot of people in Wuhan province of China (that was before China doubled its figures). With the Wuhan's lab chief denying any accidental release of lab viruses and 96% of its genes matching the virus they found in the ones, who comfortably hang in yogic posture in the dark caves – the bats - the scientific mind had a ‘Big Bang Behavior’ moment. But then, the sudden change of mood in the virus that relished bat’s flesh into making a Chicken Tikka Masala out of human flesh was baffling. With that figure also making us relatives of monkeys, scientists almost religiously believed the innocent scaly pangolin pangolin as the 3rd flesh that played the in- between host. And almost like a divine flash the popular Chinese 'wet market', now called ‘time bomb’ where everything is made wet to go formed the missing link. Nobody ran naked like Archimedes, but Trump told the Chinese, 'Shut it off, will you’! With humans moving and making faster gadgets than bats, viral movements actually became viral - whoever invented that term. In this, the virus wasn’t alone, forever since the bat's property got transferred to the homo sapience, true to being monkey’s cousins they have not handled it properly either. While the great human awakening during the Chinese New Year spread it locally, great sleep by the WHO guided EU and USA that discarded the wakie-wakie calls spread it internationally. The Global Effects: However, as if it were following mind over matter; as judged by our 1st fear meter - the stock market - fear traveled faster than those bugs. Yes, irrespective of government's awareness, sniffing danger punters suddenly went for a selling spree and dipped the stocks market graph to bear. With fear being even more infectious, that graph went global too. Almost reminding the few talented Londoners ruling over India, true to their name a few sick bats made viruses surveying the world were waiting to say ‘I am the monarch of all I survey’! Suddenly, people started to die left right and center in France and Spain. In so doing, the far-away 'their virus' suddenly became ‘our virus’ and as it will be discussed later; to Johnson, it would become 'my virus'. Almost adapt to the time difference, the US still hadn't woken up to the danger.
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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