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Yes, the police, postmen, and shop owners interacted with people but saving lives by taking higher risks gathered more moss. Thus, as if the Old Testament had re-emerged, Medicos, if not all the hospital workers, were the chosen ones - the real heroes this time. Even if the governments did not give the health care workers the needed protection (PPE) and consequently enhanced risks to their and their families’ lives, taking a lesson from Spaniards and the Italians, people of the world showed unity and brought in the 'battle cry effect' with claps and lighting of candles - to praise the efforts of those involved in saving lives. Because of the above, this boost almost reminded one of the classics like Casabianca and the Charge of the Light Brigade. With UK clappers giving docs a weekly appointment, almost like Black Death’s ‘God bless you’, it could initiate a culture. However, if only each clapper added a sum it would have aided further! Also, not sure if it included claps for the one’s disposing of highly infective wastes and dead bodies – the cleaners and the ‘body snatchers’. In ICU some needy elderly patients even asked doctors to give the scarce ventilators to the young. With fear making pride vanish, and philosophy, equality, and humanity risen globally, an addition of charisma made Modi do a voluntary Janata Curfew. An addition of a ‘touch of Tolstoy’ made Varna disregarding caste Hindus garland cleaners. Effects on Religions And Faith: Ever since Darwin resurrected man from monkey, religions, and faiths have taken a back seat. Still then, church leaders have always been quick to explain tragedies as Sodom & Gomorrah like God's retribution to some of our 'Gd displeasing ways'. This time it was Muslims’ turn to use free speech. Tracing that and the face mask, a Muslim scholar used his free speech to air the epidemic as Allah's tit-for-tat retribution to the hijab ban in Europe and Uighur China. Oblivious to their turn, almost supporting Trump’s ‘close the wet market' message to China, Mullahs blamed Chinese eating non-halal stuff. It was quiet on the Western front for the Christian world wasn't so vociferous, as said above. In fact, as opposed to the earlier times, it was their turn to get the flak. Not finding it as easy as faking cure and cheating the ignorant poor in the developing world for conversion, while the missionary university got the flak for not informing students, California's mega church was blamed for spread of the virus. While Georgia's Orthodox church not seeing law in Easter was a worry, another church was even accused of selling a fake cure. In the receiving end, Islam had its own owes. Although the Kaba was closed before too, ticking more criteria for Quamat, while Kaba and Iran's Qom closed their doors, the essential mosque namaz was banned almost globally. Worse was to come, though. While blockade defying, ‘Allah will protect us’ teaching and Markaj, Delhi meet organizing Tablighi leader faced culpable homicide charges, its tourist visa misusing, and coronavirus spreading foreign Islamic missionary intellectuals got their shares too. While Allah defying Western media saw Islam phobia in it, Allah loving sane Indian Muslims saw them with disgust, especially when they did more – spitting at & beating the treating medics. Not buffered by anti-India and pro-Islam unity not even noting Lahore faith meet attendees spreading the bug, 'You are not Muslims' rode high in Pakistani Sunnis, who blamed minority Shia for bringing in the disease from Iran. However, unlike some Hindus and Christians they weren’t left out in food distribution. Yes in general, while group prayers and celebrations were a no; even people of of the same faith didn’t see anti-Christ or Islamophobia or Hindu-phobia at work. It wasn’t a case of, 'Let them have their weird beliefs in their privacy' either for that could kill people outside. Suddenly, 'not affecting other's rights' in the constitution was noticed more often than the right to worship. The effect was not only seen in the religious institutions alone, it was seen in the faith in the divine itself. Yes, like the faithful weirdly supporting atheism enhancing secularism, all in all, to the glee of atheists this tragedy, unlike others, did not make faith in the divine any safer. As if it were a lab test, this Church and Mosque prayer with a 'God/ Allah saves us' suddenly appeared closer to Abraham's (Genesis Rabbah chapter 38) 'how can this defenceless broken Idol save you' - an iconoclasm that initiated the Abrahamic faiths. Despite this trouble in the invoking of faith in the almighty and the assembly of faithful that together are so essential for the faiths, the Pope's message wasn't very helpful. The Vatican Chief, the Vicar of Jesus with the right to infallibility and the right to examine miracles asserted on the saints like Mother Teresa, suddenly became socially safe by ‘invoking’ nature rather than God. Despite so much of need for their services, priests and mullahs only saw, ‘water water everywhere..’. With marriage aiding a new conjugal life and funeral aiding a new afterlife, ending both, the new coronavirus seems to have killed a new lease of life itself. However, being a contract and not a spiritual act, at least the Islamic Net Nikah, like Talaq would be OK. The effect on the Hindu practice would be somewhat different. Being the only religion in which it’s learned see death as a refresher for the next life – a la restart of a computer that removes clusters accumulated - although death isn’t a major tragedy for the Hindus, they missed the departed linga/subtle body aiding cremation ceremony.
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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