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Heavy Drinking And Early Deaths Rise Among Elderly. Can Faith Help?
Alcohol has never been so refined, so glamorous and so popular in our history. The crowned Champaigne even gets an ‘essential’ in Formula One victory celebrations. While parallel to global warming fresh ones show a rise and rise in price tracing rise in Indian and Chinese affluence that even forms ‘Business is booming’, parallel to old is gold, aging ones, unlike this laptop, trace the price rise of antiques. However, parallel to one asserting ‘If alcohol was found today it would have been a band drug’ the destruction it is causing has no parallels. Though Friday surprisingly brings alcohol loving ‘Christians’ and avoiding Muslims into congregations, police, no wonder, zoom into the former’s joy house alone. Forget hot blooded youngsters, almost parallel to the post menopausal ones clogging STD clinics today, news flash says even elderly are over drinking and dying early. But then, why is this socially accepted drink that tastes so good, makes one feel really good and even has become part of our celebrations so harmful? The sad truth, however, is that it kisses the brain and bites the liver. As a true depressant, it subdues the social inhibitory centre in the brain. As if offering true freedom of speech suddenly an introvert can easily say the most difficult words - ‘I love you’ to his beloved. Although for the love mad world this sounds so good, the trouble lies right there, for decision making gets seriously wrong, aggression climbs up and ‘Say no to more’ just disappears in the thin air. And then, almost negating Shakespeare’s ‘It provokes the desire but takes away the performance’, while it makes drunk women gravid by clever guys in the West, it makes Middle East working mum’s sane daughters gravid by drunk dads in Sri Lnka. Even if sexual performance is less, violence isn’t. While police check limits it outside home – pub violence, not limited, inside home ones appears in statistics alone that sadly parallels stats of primitive society. Although, more drink eases next morning’s hangover, nothing eases death due to drink drive mismatch. While this alone justifies ‘dangerous drug’, even if we forget the hot blooded youth, increased early deaths of aimless cold blooded elderly – if we can say so, bothers even the ones who say they are a burden. But how are elderly dying early? Not having a job to get engaged, no career to aim for, declining social respect and rising fear of death homebound elderly are increasingly finding joy in the mundane spirit. Although liver shows immortality through its ability to regenerate killed cells, like the government, it needs time to do so. Showing synergy, while its attack on the brain makes them drink more, that and frequent drinking makes liver regenerate less. And when the body turns yellow, even if not going up, it is time to leave the world. And when that happens, death statistics climbs and makes news. In this scenario, offering aim for the afterlife, does divine spirit (mind engaged in God) lessen mundane spirit drinking of these aimless elderly? ----------------------------------------------
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