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But, as if tracing the stock market, the planned holidaymakers started canceling their trips left, right, and center. With only a few opportunists making the most out of the cheap flights, while the holiday and show related industries saw a rise in unemployment and the associated animals were seen scrambling for scarce food, scientists became as busy as the doctors. ‘Postmen’ waited for their turn. Our Money based civilization was suddenly crumbling. Although the globe’s scientists united towards one goal, they changed their minds about the virus more than the kids. For example, contradicting earlier research results the virus did transmit human to human by sneeze and cough, and then it did transfer just by talking, and of course it then even did so several minutes after a sneeze, etc. Despite all that, the good news was that the knowledge flow did not stop; the bad news was that it only became scarier. So now, even the leftover air after a talk became polluted enough to transmit the virus. Parallel to all that WHO's guidance wasn't very clear either. Reactions of Dfferent Countries: It’s not that the governments did not react; different governments reacted differently. While China itself used chemicals, special suites, and blockade, and sealed its Wuhan province, South Korea relied on massive scale testing Taiwan and India chose to go for the latter earlier. Latter even used voluntary blockade Janata Curfew and copying Spain a thank you to health workers was done. Keen on the 'how' part of it, German scientists even pinpointed a returning German's, 'pass that salt' in China - which started the cascade. As expected a feminist saw women leaders doing better. The United Kingdom: Although 'defended' by surrounding seas that keeps it warmer than its latitudinal brothers in Scandinavia, this island union of kingdoms, however, wasn’t safe from the crowned virus. 1. Quarantine: In the begging, when the virus was still a 'their virus', the UK did the usual thing. It ineffectively quarantined infected people coming from infected countries. But while it wasn't enforced by any checks in airports, WHO's 14 days and other's 7 days quarantine period confused doctors. Apart from asking infected people to self-isolate, the herd in 10 Downing Street had more ideas. Although, showing as a cough the disease did not entice a 'god bless you' as the sneeze did during the Black Death, in planning a “herd immunity” that would have taken 250000 UK lives government decided to play God itself. 2. Work From Home: R3, the reproduction number (i.e. how many get infected from one person) of COVID-19 was far less explosive than R15 of Mumps. But, the government needed R0 to be in control. Realizing that and the tactile nature of its transmission; and also relying more on human technology than human behavior, work from home was made the rule of the day, and schools were closed. This merger wouldn't be as pleasant as it sounds. Tracing viral ways, the no to contact had to spread virally in society too. Although lesbians alone and only some straight men got that chance, the hug was a no, and the common handshake that donated the 'crown' and which came from the Romans nearly went upwards to the ‘elbow to elbow touch’ - as an innovation. And when the knowledge entered the phase of keep distance and wear a mask, that did a vanishing trick and the Chinese market saw sunshine not from the land of the rising sun but the West. But then, in the absence of a testing kit, a bit of spring sunshine wasn't a bad idea for the denizens here and pubs still continued as a chatterbox. And, did somebody say alcohol kills the virus?! Even before all these, the freshman of Indian ancestry, Sunak - the recently made chancellor – suddenly appeared with Johnson and announced gifts for the loss that people were going to make. Seeing not only the money but the rare foresight coming from a man, who belonged to the uncaring brigade people were taken aback; and this unheard-of man suddenly became the talk of the town. Making the making of a PM so easy and being almost like an oasis in the desert he was suddenly catapulted to the PM in waiting. Giving more to the already high achieving community in US and happiest in the UK , an addition of other two Indians in the ministry would almost give the community a feel of a reverse British Raj! But then, when the PM lifted his blond head off the 'ostrich’s head in the sand' act, he boasted about his handshakes with people - and said, 'see nothing happened'! However, yes not quite in the love juices but in the gifted affection package during the intimacy, such positive attitude brought into his body a +ve corona status too. Starting from 'their' the virus that turned into 'our virus' now unexpectedly became 'my virus' - at least for him. And when the poorly paid and poorly protected docs in the NHS feared the need for ICU gadgets for the feverish PM, fearing the new hero Sunak he instead deputized Dominic Raab. And when the NHS staff removed his fear of death, he thanked alone did little to allay their fears. In addition, the news from the southern front (Italy and Spain) wasn't good as it was almost like the senseless deaths in the trenches in the 1st World War. Nor were the fatality figures coming from the already sick NHS giving any solace. In addition, the mind-changing scientists, who only elongated the safe time and the distance now finally, said that the coughed air wasn't healthy for several minutes - whatever the distance! With the rise in danger, work from home wasn't enough. It had to be dealt with in a war footing. The lockdown was now necessary and, therefore, announced without much outcry as in the States.
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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