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The Conspiracy Theories: The Race Conspiracy: When evidence lacked in history it was called a myth; when the lack happens now that names itself a conspiracy. Yes blockade, slowed everything down. But almost matching the viral spread, conspiracy theories have been seen to race fast. It’s amazing that unlike the poor affecting Cholera and Malaria, this virus that usually goes for the jugular seems to have a fascination for big shots like the leaders of Canada, Iran, Nigeria, and UK. Though that airs ‘race doesn’t matter’, gender, however, seems to matter. But then, though women leaders were given credit for lower infection numbers, other countries were in a similar league too. Although hindered by Tablighi meeting spread that doubled its rate, India was lucky to have a BCG vaccinated population, a lower virulence of the virus, and higher respect for its leader – who said and lo and behold Janata Curfew happened. But then, despite corruption, poverty and the frequent liaisons with Chinese Africa didn’t show bigger figures. The new map of the world shows, blotches in Europe, and measles spots in the East; but Africa brings up a relatively clean slate. Fearing, 'you are immune' conspiracy killing many blacks in the Yellow Fever epidemic Africans rejected blacks are Immune to Coronavirus. But the news wasn’t so good from the northern front. The worry there actually was Blacks died immensely in relation to the share of the population - both in the US and in UK. Although heat and humidity together might have helped Africa, the statistics here are baffling. In fact, all Asians show it and docs have asked for an investigation. Conspiracy, however, did not stop there; it went on to China too. The China Conspiracy Theory: Yes, the virus releasing China also released the genome of the virus soon. But, while the virus travelled West, conspiracy theories that were the reserve of the West and involved 9/11 and the Moon landing, suddenly travelled East. In fact, as if Newtonian law was at play, almost as rapidly as the coronavirus spread globally killing people, in equal measures conspiracy theories are trying to ‘kill’ China itself. Human vengeance, as opposed to a viral one, is blamed on China for creating the virus to bring the West down to its knees and to financially prop up the Great Wall defended country up to its neck! With the learning taking comfort on a tortoise ride but danger multiplying like rabbits, almost like the dragon, both enigma and emerging facts didn't seem to help China. The first knowledge 'doesn't transmit between people' did reinforce 'I told you not to eat that' but didn’t explain the epidemic in Wuhan. And when it turned 'yes it does'; not quite like Johnson shaking hands but China showed its very protected head of state, protected only by the useless mask at the epicenter of the virus. It wasn’t good. By the time it said it transmits like flu but travels several times faster, it had already got a visa to the European states of Italy and Spain. In addition, as a mismatch, the world surprisingly saw little spread in the rest of China where Mao’s Cultural Revolution had spread so fast. Even friendly North Korea and Putin's 'I am the monarch of all I survey' land showed shyness in numbers. In addition, through timely buying of cheap fallen stocks and shares, and selling of equally cheap but damaged substandard antiviral goods China possibly became the only country to benefit from this epidemic. Funnily enough, while the world disliked the supplied substandard Chinese antiviral goodies and returned them back with a bit of a curse, China disliked the mention of the phrase, ‘Chinese virus’. With all that and in the absence of knowledge, either an accidental or designed leak of the virus from the viral research lab in Wuhan made headlines. Yes, not to mention the above, the atheistic trade deal with the US just before the outbreak did mention, ‘act of God’. Later did fit very well in the scheme of China wanting to subdue the US in trade. While a Nobel Laureate butted in, the US even pin pointed the high security virus lab.And to add insult to injury, almost reminding Hollywood, a 2 years old Chinese film did mention 'Corona Virus'. Even the WHO with headquarters not far from the leaning tower of Pizza that set the alarm bell to a later time was said to ‘fearlessly’ lean towards the dragon. Excitement or arrival of American culture even made indictment papers travel to the legal HQ. While the applicants got newspaper headlines, the Wuhan Diary catapulted Fang Fang to a heroine. Nothing could save China now. Although Wuhan institute’s director came up with the plan, ‘There was no plan and no accident’, Trump said 'Who?' to WHO and then made a politician’s promise of sending a troupe to study - not the virus but the ways of the institute. Having their own social media, reading the Chinese mind isn't easy. But, the early genome release, the suppression of data as Johnson tried in the UK, the penalty not laurels for spread aiding whistle- blower, the easy invocation of duties to block cities, quarantine, and spraying of chemicals do indicate bad dietetics or bad lab leak despite denial. The pathognomonic 'Corona Virus' film talk was about old (SARS) not novel corona. Although very nationalist, there are sensitive, inquisitive, and intelligent people in China too. While the diary suggests bad treatment and not a bad plan, if news of 21 million deaths is true it even makes China a victim.
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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