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It is not only the conceptualization and assembly of a variety of subjects, which you will enjoy reading; this book will also introduce you to a new and unique style of writing. Publishers, who read many styles of writing, have said they have not come across this style and regard it as unique. 1. Like a river it has 3 flows: A. Following timing and relevance, each essay has a nice flow from start to finish. B. With the topic of women being connected to many subjects, derived links between varieties of subjects gives a distinct flow. C. Starts with “Differences,” then goes through “Past” and “Present” and climaxes at “Future”. It gives the flow of a romantic novel. 2. While its ‘reminding’ assertions in the text immerses readers in a different world to eventually bring them back again, the addition of beautifying, rhyming or contrasting words in a sentence gives them the joy of a poem. In fact, publishers have seen poetry in the text. No wonder like women, the writing is made beautiful. 3. The biggest challenge in writing this book was to condense enormous amounts of data on many subjects into a single volume. Almost resembling compact disc and zipped file in computing, the writing style is unashamedly compact. A single page contains maximum information, which as is said of the Internet, could give the impression of 'information overload'. Unlike a slow-paced encyclopaedia, rapid change of subjects may seem unfamiliar, but be perfect for those who are 'fast' lovers. Advantages: While hundreds of subjects discussed in a single book makes it much more accessible than daunting volumes of an encyclopaedia, a person will have knowledge encapsulating the world in his or her hand. The poetic nature and novel-like flow of the book immerses the reader until the climax end. Like a Shakespearean play, although this different looking unique writing style may be difficult to familiarize with at first, second glance, with a free heart, will give much more joy – alike a poem. Accessing the encyclopaedic knowledge of this book empowers both men and women. Its approach is to be accepting rather than neglectful. Like its chapters - Secular and Religion History - writing is unashamedly neutral. --------------------------------
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
‘Knowledge is power’
First  T i m e Three  C i v i l i z a t i o n s  Four  R e l i g i o n s  Single  A u t h o r  E n c y c l o p e d i a
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World’s encyclopedic knowledge compacted in your hand
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