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targeting it with antibodies near impossible. Not quite there, but starting from just one, this COVID-19 has bullied all others and has produced 10 strains already. Yes injecting a science dedicated lady bacteriologist the Oxford scientists have zipped the normal aim time of 2021 to September, but the common cold anxiety still lurks. But then common cold virus didn’t kill; this virus massacre It is very simple; neither can we make a vaccine for all strains, nor can the body make antibodies against those ever-changing ones. Since the vaccine isn’t going to help us, drugs are our only hope. If they don’t help, we are doomed. Yes, the Trump ordered Indian quinine that was a panacea for all ailments including malaria, and as a part of a tastier Jin & Tonic was even said to have saved the British Raj. But, it is now said to kill the virus only in vitro (lab). It raised heart attacks alone in vivo (body). Yes drugs are being studied and the arthritis drug Tocilizumab lessens ventilation time. While these are not good news, post infection lung problems aren’t good either. The excitement of dexamethasone is limited to it being useful for serious patients alone. 4. Seasonal Ways or Tiredness: Unlike the seasonal SARS virus that was studied, COVID-19 is new, and its seasonal behavior is unknown. If it acts seasonally then we can ‘chill’; if not then we are in great trouble. However, there is something called viral tiredness - whatever that means. Tiredness can kill says a motorway board, viral tiredness can save lives, say others. It is good that happens, but that is just luck. World Disaster: We only have blockade and ventilators saving us now, and the Internet and delivery system are maintaining our ways. If it was not for the Internet like 100 years ago the world would have come to a halt by now. Still, then, our business and earnings are down and worries and mental agonies are up. Our physical body isn’t immune either. Among the meat, grain, vegetable, and fruit that form our food and give us immunity, we already eat plastic eaten fish and drugs eaten flesh. COVID-19 is already affecting pig farming; rest will follow. Our food stores won’t last forever. So, when production lessens and mal-distribution rises, as expected, our poor will not get food. Thus, while hunger lessens individual immunity and increases viral spread it also increases the chances of riots. The vicious cycle can cause famine. In fact, like the money-filled Italian street, even rich countries may have money but not enough food to buy. The cycle will just continue. In the mixture of food shortages, famine, riots, illness, and blockades anger will be the ruler. Both Marx and Darwin will make a comeback. While more than Marx bargained, not only workers but people of the world will unite in anger, ‘survival of the fittest’ will rise and civilizations will fall. In addition, changing colors and getting transmitted through both human and animal species alike the bug is destined to spread and not leave any land virgin. With the virus ‘intelligently’ changing its ways to accommodate, animals will not be safe either. Having been recognized as ‘living’ only recently, the turn of the plants will come last. With the viruses having a limited life on inanimate objects after that, they will die too. Well, unlike the meteorite that made dinosaurs alone extinct, this tiny virus will end the life on earth itself. If there is anything to console ourselves, once life is formed again in the deepest recess of the ocean, as the scientists claim the earth will at least be free of the coronavirus. It is because as if to match the Novo virus, our Novo God - ‘millions of years of evolution’ - takes exactly that time frame to create a new life! Inactive Scientists: If treatment is found, of course, the above scenario goes into a rewind mode. But then, many of the approximately 30000 universities globally have research labs. Many labs have standard gadgets including Petri dishes, incubators, 1000s of chemicals or extracts to zap the bugs with, electron microscope to check dead viruses, genetic coding to formulate antibodies, software to do model studies, and +ve cases to do double-blind trials. To top it up there are 1000s of scientists who are paid to do just that - research. Yes, tracing arthritis and diabetes patients bring in, 'for money's sake they don't want to find a cure'. Since even the avowed capitalist would want to live with but not die with wealth - unless stupid - such quick conspiracy theories can't be true but the unimaginable slowness of progress in science is infinitely true. Frankly speaking, in global unity, is 'all eyes on the patent right' limiting share? Yes, it isn't easy, but their paycheck and certificates aren’t small either. Nobody is saying it’s easy, but the question is, is there a cartel? In the global unity claimed, are the scientists doing their bits of research and sharing or are they only gawking the big universities? Or are they restrained? Chloroquine that kills the virus in a petri dish is said to enhance heart attacks in the US. Even if racial peculiarity is aired, while most patients are minorities anyway, this drug saved the British Raj for all Brits there gulped it for many decades. Yes, despite having that history, many +ve patients and even exporting the drug it is shocking that Indian scientists are not coming up with results. Why do they have to wait for the quinine results from the US? Johnson may not be self-made, but he certainly is a self-saved man. It’s because his PAP ventilation or oxygen only prolonged his life but didn’t kill the viruses as soap and alcohol do. Almost dead, he came back to claim his PM’s chair. Thus, to cure it like in PAP, why not do an extremely quick soap water or alcoholic ‘flush and suck’ procedure in the lung alveoli of mice and see? Like blood, plasma transfusion is a routine for deficiencies. Matching +ve status, passive immunity is deficient here too. The role of Vitamin D isn’t quite explored. Since drug alone is our last hope; unlike Dr. Jenner’s way of using likely chemicals/drugs, why not zap the bugs with all extracts and chemicals known to mankind and do Fleming’s way to penicillin? After all medicine is full of surprises, they say. That could save mankind. On The Brighter Side: Having said all that, although our WHO isn’t sure, with COVID-19 taking only 2-10% of the infected if post-infection immunity really works then it’s a boon. Similarly, if treatment or vaccination is found, then we will not only preserve our civilization but enhance it too. That is because major global disasters have always given us knowledge. Many of the medical practices that we do today including amputations, intravenous infusions, tissue healing methods, etc. were learnt from the experiences during the Tsunami, plagues, famines, swine flu epidemic, World Wars, etc. Let's hope we are lucky and that becomes true. ------------------------------
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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