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The Supportive Treatment: Currently, there is neither a vaccine to prevent it nor a cure. Your innate immunity has to fight the bugs to survive. In the hospital, you only get supportive treatment in the form of fluid, nutrition, respiration assisting ventilation, and extra body oxygenation of blood. As a passive immunity boost, some offer plasma infusion. Dexamethasone helps. Drugs are still on trial. THE FUTURE: Yes unlike a sulking Germany, New Zealand shows excitement and the country that began the worst news has given us the good news of no deaths. As if tracing the, ‘as is the king so are the people’ people had more ideas. In the exacting of the ways of the rulers of the day - by now the lockdown tired ‘smart’ people, who know & belittle the 5% mortality of the bad virus go further on to amplify the ways of the bad rulers to bring about a 3rd conspiracy – the government is spreading fear to distract people! After all even flu doesn’t kill any less, they rightly say! Almost in riot gear, they question, ‘Why on earth should we lose our liberty with a lockdown just for that?’ The answer, however, isn’t that difficult. In the absence of a vaccine or a drug, we have only our innate immunity, medical care, and social lockdown bringing us the elating plateau - not anything heroic. Yes, when lockdown hadn’t shown its face the Chinese virus spread like wildfire, and 15% of ordinary pregnant unaware American women just tested +ve. Blissful ones can share Champaign, but giving us a back gear experience (earlier date of spread) plateau only makes us safer, not safe as does extermination of the virus. In addition, with the simple rule of thumb being ‘more testing kits; more +ve results’ - each with the potential to infect many - the figures that we see are only the tip of the iceberg. With methodology differing wildly, even the mortality rate isn’t similar. Yes, instead of the Wuhan lab, we could safely keep the COV-2 virus in the WHO lab after extinction as we did to the smallpox virus, but there is a hitch. The COV-2 virus may not be a spreader or a killer like the other viruses e.g. measles, chickenpox, etc. but as if tracing our humble common cold virus it changes itself just like that and has done so 10 times so far. The earlier models don’t vanish like our not upgraded software, they stay to kill. Thus, like for the ‘god bless you’ virus vaccine is unlikely to appear for the coronavirus for matching reasons. Thus, its eradication like that of the smallpox virus using vaccines, can ‘get a life’ only in a good dream. Again, with the virus changing itself, let alone eradication even a lasting immunity like that against measles, mumps, etc. isn’t on the menu. Not even a post-infection immunity like for others. In fact, the biting truth is disturbing our lungs capacity, it may even decrease our innate post-infection immunity! Thus, a common cold like re-infection is certainly not impossible. But then, the tragedy is that unlike the common cold bug, this one kills us – that too extraordinarily rapidly! Thus recycling of plastic bottles do help to save the world, recycling of this virus seems to kill alone. Through recurrence the viral plan seems to ultimately follow the legal dictum - ‘hang till death’. If SAR-19 gave pox like immunity, with such low mortality and high medical care life would just have gone on. But, here there is no individual immunity; nor is there the epidemiologists’ expected herd immunity. There is only a herd mentality discernible in the beaches and the parks that aren’t very helpful. As a de jure effect its mortality may not impress us, but as its de facto affects the lockdown is killing us in more ways than one. Yes, lockdown may not kill people instantly but through increased suicides, less production, mal-distributions, etc. it continues to do just that i.e. kill us. Through endless extensions, it is bound to cause much bigger mayhem later. Thus in totality, unlike the seen insurmountable locusts or Hollywood’s Terminator and extra- terrestrial invaders, this unseen enemy has none to compare with or words to describe. A single viral patient is enough to cause a pandemic – not to mention the lockdown – changing the lives of many. With a bit of a force; ‘One being’ is enough to destroy the world! Relaxation of Lockdown: One said ‘World is but a clash between ‘religion is the opium of the masses’, ‘Marxism is the opium of the intellectual class’ and ‘money is the opium of the capitalist’. Money speaks but as if grabbing free speech on its side it speaks louder in capitalism. With people’s mental immunity seeing 5% deaths as not scary anymore and the endless lockdown extensions are instead seen as blocking joys and jobs revolution against its end was seen as brewing not even in the minds of the leftists. The evil SARS ca2 virus still kills but showing a people responsive government yet seeing money matters much more than life UK relaxed its ways. Yes the economic tragedy of the repeated extensions and the elation brought about by an achieved plateau graph do make the rulers plan an easing of the rules. The fact however is that only the eradication of this bug will make all of us safe on this planet. As talked earlier, sadly we can’t do that. Now lock down is holding the fort and thankfully limiting the spread (It would have been much worse if it wasn’t in place). What we have to realize is that almost like the saying ‘both are welcomed by the same garland’ the easing of human ways will also ease the viral ways. We both may relish the interaction but in doing so, they kill us. The effect of a group of 5 or 50 will be the same if one +ve person is present. While a flat curve only means the continuation of the recent achievement, in the lack of anything new the easing of restriction only takes us back to when the government was accused of not waking up to the reality! Yes, if we are let loose the spread graph could skyrocket – unless the virus is tired of course. And the deaths could dramatically rise. Thus, while the thought of easing our restrictions in this unwinnable battle is not intelligent,
The Wuhan Coronavirus Saga: Post Global Social Financial And Medical Havoc Will COVID-19 Make us Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?
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