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State of the Indian State: Scant Thinkers 3 corruptions & 3 Epidemics: Solving Those & Making It a World Leader-1
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Although not quite as bad as in South Africa or Congo, suddenly women and children feel unsafe here.

The Two Corruptions

1. Political

Although prided as the largest democracy in the world, with Nehru undemocratically using Gandhi's veto to become its first PM candidate despite losing to Patel (three to twelve votes), its political corruption started from day one. Giving credit where it is due, although Military might hasn't taken over and this country with many languages, cultures, faiths and euthenics hasn't disintegrated despite Western predictions, its parliament probably has shown more shows than goodies. Although 'majority in office' is unhindered and power transition is smooth (main reason why democracy is good), with opposition resorting to bulling through slogans and walkouts to press their way, 'majority rules' isn't quite so. In the lack of presidential system, coalition politics don't make things easy, except for reporters looking for juicy stories. 'Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown' said Shakespeare. Unease is more here. While secret horse trading in other countries sees overt bags of cash in parliament here, feasting on the delayed justice, and philosophical and powerful logics like 'Innocent till proven guilty' or 'Anybody can sue anybody before elections', its election brings almost 25% of MPs with serious criminal charges. But then, with 'loop of audit' being not acted upon, those happenings approach adultery in the West as 'Not good but it happens'. While politicians aren't respected, as if bitten by the history bug, respected ones prefer status quo. Mesmerised by the newly-gotten franchise, although its fourth pillar stalwarts loud the denizens right to vote and its ability to 'topple' disliked rulers, voters have followed tradition, and convincingly voted to oust government once only: Indira Gandhi after Emergency.

2. Economic

As if aided by, 'As is the king so are the people', unlike in the higher echelons in the West, corruption is everyday reality – a culture – here. With law enforcers being corrupt and courts offering delayed and at times corrupted justice, lessening of restraining fear of God amplifies fearlessness here, and money speaks louder. And when the latter isn't enough, as if silence reigns in, lethargy and frustration climb and enthusiasm falls. When work is less, chat is more and chance for a work culture is less.  When attempts are made to alleviate suffering, reminding stepwise profit slices peaking Asian spice price in medieval Europe, Rs 10 alone reaches the common man when Rs 100 is allotted at centre. With rulers and ruled both being corrupt, and change through ballot, not revolution, changing slogans alone, fatalism has grown. Although not as bad as in Pakistan where Brits are said to pay their taxes, while ordinary cheats stash cash at home, totalling 1/10 problem (above) solving trillions mega cheats stash cash in foreign banks. While latter is big, loss through incomplete constructions and less utilisation resources since freedom is enormous. Solutions Being law abiding and progressing in the West, and producing 'India shining' in less corrupt environment locally, Indians are not uniquely corrupt. They simply lack the fear factor that tames airing of Homo sapiens’ survival traits as in the West.

Taming its People

Although fatalism in the Indian mind is understandable, with the pathology now identified, surprisingly a single mantra can act as a panacea. However, though this can make it an economic power, adding more alone can see it as a world leader. Possibly never thought of before, India simply needs to spend considerable amount of its wealth - possibly billions- to glamorise law education and dot itself with 'millions' of courts and its functioning accessories (police and jails). This way justice will be quick, seen to be done, used more and with faith when needed, and cheaper. Working well even when the fear of the unknown (God) lessens, bringing about fear of social stigma and punishment, this fear of the known restrains people. All institutions including state having well-thought-of, progressive and futuristic laws, they need little change but more adherence. Disregarded laws will now be adhered to and work well. Plans will consequently work, constructions finish on time and productivity will increase. And when statistics climb up, enthusiasm butts in, competitiveness increases, futuristic visions set in, and ambition skyrockets. Next
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