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State of the Indian State: Scant Thinkers 3 corruptions & 3 Epidemics: Solving Those & Making It a World Leader-1
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Almost parallel to it being serially and as a matter of fact(ly) ruled by the Muslims, British, Marxists and then by globalisation, Mark Twain's favourite country, India, that according to western pundits was destined to doom after freedom through its 'polytheism' as opposed to Pakistan with its monotheism, finally came up with 'India shining'. Unlike the 'minister with portfolio' of now-defunct Non- Aligned Movement membership that would have rebuffed Bush's, 'Either you are with us or with them', albeit 'without a portfolio' a sincere reciprocation, now made India member of the BRICK nations; less prestigious only to G8. As if globalisation made cosmetic industry land there, this 'poverty-stricken', ethnically, linguistically, religiously and economically diverse nation, reminding its pre-'Battle of Plessey' days, suddenly looked beautiful and futuristic. Getting a shot on the arm, Indians even talked of leading the next century. But then, as if tracing what goes up must come down, it is now on shaky grounds within the BRICK nations. Almost parallel to that, while some of its ordinary denizens see India as corrupt and await present Gujarat Chief Minister Modi to rescue them as a PM, adding moss (reasons) to the gathering momentum, one of its brighter ones even says India should not be a world leader. In this melee, being talked about as much as UK's weather, although all know about troubles of India (not the solutions though), systemising troubles, an effective solution is aired here.

Lack of Philosophical Thinkers

With Indian entrepreneurs showing their might as 'India shinning', its doctors sustaining UK's NHS and its IT graduates sustaining the Silicon Valley, it would almost amount to blasphemy to say India lacks thinkers. But then, reminding 'ruled by outsiders', and as if disbelieving 'Freedom alone brings free thought', India after independence has shown very few, if any, thinkers. This is said because the brighter ones mentioned above, in simple terms, would be contented with thinking in terms of ‘two plus two equals four’ as trained, but not offering originality by philosophically questioning 'Why not three or five?' Unlike the Africans, who grumble about 'Bible in our hands and land in the colonisers’ hand', post-colonial Indians appear contented with exchange of drop in GDP from 23% to 3% with colonisers given national railways and international language. Although it showed its brilliance in placing U.S.A.-educated Dalit Dr B.R. Ambedkar on the constitution drafting chair, almost showing a Munchausen Syndrome and only to regret later, it rejected 'uncultured' American's constitution and copied that of the former master: the British. As if to compensate however, its dream world, Bollywood, would copy from Hollywood. Unlike the U.S. and French revolutions, it used religion to the till during its revolution, and almost consequently even vivisected the country according to faith. Additionally, it made its political leader, Gandhi, a spokesperson for Hindu beliefs. But then, seeing Hindu philosophy – pluralism – similar to Semitic philosophy - doctrines, and then grabbing a time when few parliamentarians were present, it ditched that aid and declared the state secular. While this made the Hindus sad, it unashamedly continued with preserving Hindu chores in government/political behaviour. This didn’t make secular ones happy either. Offering reservation for ten years, though it tried to uplift the persecuted Dalits (untouchables), it created elite Dalits and continued to aid them, and not the really persecuted illiterate Dalits. Contented with coloniser-written history and therefore perspective, and with illiteracy in Sanskrit not mattering even to be a top historian unlike Latin for Roman historian, native perspective saw darkness alone and heart saw inferiority. It seemed like a century was enough to wipe out history from the Indian mind. No wonder, parallel to being accused of disregarding regular history, its professors teach alone, write little. Digging into the past being an anathema and status quo being the rule, West alone at times revisit India to enlighten the masses of the darker sides of its past. Idolised leaders like Nehru and Gandhi who were lovingly called 'Chacha' and 'Bapu' respectively suddenly become controversial figures. As if reflecting that ignorance of the past and the loss of originality, the 'only' rectification of the past the free Indians seem to think of would be to change the names of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay to Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai respectively. Although it made it a religion and does well in cricket, while bagging only few bronze medals that it did in Olympics (2012) despite being a country of a billion was bad, relishing that as an achievement, was even worse. As a continued trend of ignorance, its fourth pillar – media – that espouses freedom of speech would ascertain Sonia Gandhi's sacrifice in her not becoming India's PM. As if embarrassing them and its barristers, who should have done so, this time it would be an Indian, albeit with western connection (Ex-Professor of Harvard Dr Subramanian Swami), who would apprise its President of its legal difficulty and save India from both embarrassment and legal trouble later. Incidentally, although having majority didn't make her a PM, not having that didn't stop Nehru being the Indian Congress' candidate for the first PM post, either. Although not brilliantly eloquent and coherent, Indians chat and are known to offer views that can't be taken as a bad sign for progress. But then, with those attached to emotions, and most discussions ending in RSS and Cast, political talks, at least and at times, are prohibited in Buses. Almost reflecting that, TV discussions are not always without exchange of interrupting emotional outbursts that amount to incomplete conversations in dinner parties globally. Bereft of their own history and relying on a borrowed history, many Indians neither know about India's contribution to the Modern Civilisation nor how their forefathers developed the ubiquitous techniques of using zero, Yoga and Meditation.

The Three Epidemics (Terrorism, Maoism And


With Pakistan's existence and its army's opulence needing external enemy, and India needing an external cause to blame, its terrorism-suffering cities see more blame on Pakistan for training terrorists and less training on defensive forces to lessen reoccurrences. No wonder, its city-dwellers aren't entirely safe. And, forgetting Chinese army's once in a blue moon visit to its hills, separatist terrorism in North East and in Kashmir add to it to form a terrorism epidemic. Although India, that accuses Pakistan, alone knows what fourteen thousand Nepalese-killing Maoists were doing in its land, its own Maoists don't make its villagers safe either. Despite killing more than the terrorists, extending all over the country to form a Maoist epidemic, and its PM Man Mohan Singh acknowledging it as the country's biggest threat, actions simply reflect death of 'unimportant' villagers. Although not quite like the 'Reduce to ground zero and start afresh', what Mao did to China, its milder form ruled over intellectually- fertile East Bengal, and retarded it. And when its traditional patriarchy met modern laxity in law and society, the imported Sexual Revolution became Sexual Revolution Plus here. This has given rise to the third epidemic: rape epidemic. As if it badly needed to double up, its political capital Delhi has also become the rape capital. Next

Maoists in India

Mumbai Terrorist Attack

Rabindra Tagore

The Taj Mahal

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