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American Presidential Elections 2016: Can The Republican Donald Trump Win? What if he Becomes The President?
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Suddenly, while the voters get the entertainment and hope, and media gets the money, the spending parties get the hope for votes. Getting something, it looks like a party time for everybody. Even weather takes the second place in initiating a talk! And when the social media walks in, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. don't frown. Even the neglected psychologists feel 'even a dog has its day'. Suddenly media circus emerges. And when words speak louder than action like when the Noble Committee got fooled, its use makes Obama become the comeback kid when he won for the 2nd time. The US /American glory and the decline: With it having won the WWII, yes the Pax Britannica shifted to Pax America. And its advance in science, technology, knowledge and cash, along with the collapse of the Soviet Union made it the undisputed leader - despite its Vietnam misadventure. While UN headquarters in New York symbolised it, NATO gave it the extra strength of 'we and our allies'. Suddenly it aired the awe of the Roman Empire. But then, almost tracing 'what goes up must come down,' and reminding the fall part of the 'Rise and fall of the Roman Empire', while meddling in the affairs of Central America, paradoxically supporting dictators and unethically invading Iraq decreased its prestige, 9/11 hit it hard in every way. And then, while collateral damage in Afghanistan and civil liberties damage back home gave it a bad name, Guantanamo Bay made people laugh behind its back. Yes, printing globally accepted green dollars has helped its commerce. And creating a money based civilisation, its arms industry brings huge cash from nasty governments. But then, almost like jobs getting outsourced to the East, that inbound cash gets 'insourced' to the rich alone. And when the Internet gets the good of social behaviour town centre shrinkage takes the middle class with it, only to inflate the rich-poor gap. In the process, debt climbed to trillions. With STDs, divorces, abortions and single parenthood skyrocketing, and missionaries even blaming Hollywood's influence on women when getting retorts from not converting immigrant heathens, its social structure isn't ideal either. With some trusted faith orators airing sexual scandals and many faith leaders showing enormous dosh, its religion isn't seen in the right state either. Almost like a 35-year-old child seeking spinster, America certainly is desperately seeking the right man. In this melee, suddenly Donald Trump emerges from nowhere. And that too, when his looks, vision, smoothness, charm and oration are criticised all over. But then, while Obama's 'yes we can' was for a change, his 'back to glory' even has a proud climax. While all love to bring back the lost glory of America, media add 'business is booming' in his crassness. His voice, although, was for a temporary restriction on Muslim refugees, it spoke in the language of crude Islamophobia that is ubiquitous in all States of America - yet unspoken. While the formed Mohamed Ali vs. Cooper drama was already an excitement, media generated stories out of this unique man's crash statements spiced it up. Despite him thus becoming the 'darling' of the unhealthy media, the criticisms had the resonance of 'any publicity is good publicity'. And when his protest against the Pope reached the Vatican, it added spice to both the media and the Protestant America. Suddenly, his media presence is matching Obama's second term media use. In addition, while his billions add to his power, him being a self-made billionaire adds more. In any case, even if he is a buffoon, George Bush wasn't bright either. And if what a British tabloid said is true, American voters are no better. Seriously, however, as if out of fun, democracy is known to elect strange people, even prostitutes, Can Mr Donald Trump be a good president? Yes, he utters all sorts of things: Relying on impression, he says Muslims hate us (not we hate Muslims), relying on a certain source, he says Illegal Mexicans are rapists and reacting to trade facts, he plans to retaliate against China, Japan and Mexico. Also, he likes Putin but then denigrates Russia. He plans to elect a wall at the US-Mexican border and even wants the later to pay for it. These are enough for Cruz to say that his victory would be a grave mistake. No wonder, 110 Republican foreign policy veterans think that he will undermine US security. But then, is he daft or is he scary? Well, one thing is for sure, he is not a dumb inheritor of billions but a self-made billionaire and a director of several companies. One who has achieved that level of success - an American dream - in a competitive world, cannot be daft. He or his team can design those as rhetoric targeting at the voting audience - till the Election Day of course. Also, if 'said as a campaigner' and 'done as a president' were the same Obama would qualify for a 2nd Nobel Prize, and Churchill would be so wrong. Furthermore, with the elite makers of the president (see above) keeping the rulers and the ruled in a status quo irrespective of the elected president, and the lobby groups habitually overwhelming his/her decisions, American presidents are not always free to do what they want without pressure. For example, Obama sealed his close friendship with the Indian PM, Modi, with a genuine hug, only to come home and criticise him/India for religious persecution there. The incoherence of this brilliant and coherent orator in saying so said it all. Finally: Irrespective of the above, and, after all, is said and done, he has to follow the constitution and face impeachment when its tenet is breached. The fear about him as a president, therefore, is not supported by facts.
Obama hugging PM Modi of India
The United Nations Building
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