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Sexual Revolution Plus: A joyous Or Fearful Event For WomenIn The Developing Countries Like India & Pakistan? Continued...
Although not sure what’s bold about nudity as porn ones do more, tracing Hollywood Bollywood is known to increasingly show bold scenes, and themes relating to adultery, swinging and sex. Disregarding men’s arousal and its effects on innocent women- their gender sisters, safe and well guarded actresses opine ‘Men like it so we don’t mind showing our bodies’. Stimulated by all baring cinemas outside and naughty Net inside home, ubiquitous sex concepts and toys, desire for 2 nd freedom (first being political), liberals not minding exposure and free sex, and cash starved media headlining it and baring all,xual Revolution has truly arrived in India. Feasting on it, men in this land of Vatsayana’s Kama Sutra have never been sexually stimulated as much in its history. Unlike democracy taking donkey’s years to mature, SR is taking only a few years. With, them frequenting pubs/discos and schools girls mating with boyfriends and as love birds embarrassingly filling public parks although SR is increasingly turning city girls into the sex loving group, men’s stimulation even goes rural. With families turning nuclear, patriarchy retaining dominant power, mobiles reaching villages, gender-specific number and sexual desire gap widening, West offering the ‘glamorous’ thing to do’, police lacking in resources, power and proper attitude (blaming victims), society lacking in education and cash, law books lacking in harassment laws and courts lacking in swiftness, the SR seen here is actually a SR plus. Although few stimulated city women with own transport have enjoyed SR, giving free rides to men, this SR plus is bringing tragedies to the other groups of women. Although train’s female compartment saves commuting women from touch and tease by eve teasers, while bus and lifts remain the teasing, touching and groping centres, state capital Delhi emerges as the rape capital. Though teens increasingly make love and change boyfriends behind their parents, enhanced by family hush ups, child sexual abuse peaks at 65% and back street abortion to save family honour climbs high. While girls get harassed with sexual images in mobiles, wives get dragged to swinging sessions. As another problem, Net anonymity finds both brothers and sisters lustfully chatting . Although patriarchy blames victims for going with guys, using mobiles and wearing less, it’s the technology and SR untouched innocent well covered but powerless girls in the villages and smaller towns who get raped; even gang raped, all the time. State wise Haryana tallies Delhi’s position. Beyond rape being an unforgettable violent physical and psychological event, and a harbinger of STD and pregnancy like in the West, social rejection makes victims feel worthless and lifeless here. In addition, while fear of family honour, or being blamed, or not being believed and even being raped again by cops make her report less, fearlessness through power, threat and police inaction makes him/them even proudly videotape the act. Strangely, if designed for blackmail, a backfire makes her believable and him a culprit. Getting it both ways, while as innocent lass she faces abduction or luring into the sprouting brothels, as a wife she gets those red-light lasses given and hubby brought STDs. While lack of cash sees even parents selling their daughters to whoring, lack of harassment laws makes car travel alone safe from routine harassment, when commuting to school or work. While enticing animal instinct and turning culture tracing productive blokes to criminals this SR plus forms a loss for India, let alone fear that women have to go through daily, the fearlessness of the act and the consequent epidemic that it brings about is frightening, even for men. Although child abuse approaching 65% is worrying now, with abused turning into abusers when adult not being unknown to psychologists, unless measures are taken; future looks gloomy. With factors not being different and SR actually being SR plus, women in the other developing countries suffer a similar fate. ------------------
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