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Can Distressed Pakistan Contain Terrorism On Its Soil After The Karachi Attack?
Formed out of fear of the Hindu majority, maintained by hostility towards India, ruled by the only institute that is widely respected there - the army, and prided by Genera Zia’s Islamization, secular designed Pakistan suddenly looked united and strong. With voters either not turning up to vote - that shocked Ms Bhutto once, or uneasily voting for the lesser of the two evils in exclusion of the fresher Imran Khan, its ordinary mortals didn’t quite mind military takeovers. With unity and popularity both streaming out of hostility towards India, almost reminding us Gandhi’s unusual support for Caliphate movement, its ruler’s moral support for the Kashmir struggle, even by democrats like Benazir, aided in attaining and maintaining governess. But then, almost as a side effect, its army logically took a lion’s share of the budget- for the needed defence. Although this maintained territorial integrity of Pakistan, its inland integrity was quite different. Forgetting majority/minority or democrat/army issues, Pakistanis made a triad of ruling western elite, tradition followers and the religious extremists. Although seeing an immediate need and not a future, Taliban’s lesser of the two evils, the USA, ‘mistakenly’ used the latter against Russia, and Pakistan cites that to accuse the USA of bringing trouble to its soil, Pakistan isn’t entirely innocent. Forgetting itself as the lesser of the two evils, while its elite group used American aid to prop up Islamic jihadists against the then USSR, if not that cash - as occasionally reported, it used that emotion to prop up Kashmir's struggle against India. As if tracing ‘USA pays and India doesn’t,' and airing root cause, while all its residents resent India - enough to make its ex PM Nawaz Sherif caution against it, and lesser mortals alone loathe America, the madrassa products loathe even other Muslim sects. With religiosity being important now - as if matching and Islamic republic, while namaz defaulters and minority Muslims get bombed, its safer, yet bottom in the piety scale, elites, get resented for the triad of leading a western lifestyle, sleeping with the Great Satan and actually killing its cadres. Although its elites are still safe, unless they venture into the wrong masque or criticize blasphemy law, as a minister sadly ‘came to know,' the rest don’t feel safe. With it becoming a dangerous place to live, in comparison, the danger scale sees the USA suffering the least, India coming second and Pakistan itself suffering the most. Suddenly, Pakistan’s complaint of victim hood doesn’t look so misplaced. Next
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