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Is Twitter, Facebook or Google The Best Social Networking Site For Your Message Spread? Contd...
Parallel to its fame & limits, there are Twitter aiding sites & software that send timed tweets, do follow/unfollow, calculate Tweet reach, search #word & even dedicate pages for a particular #. Aiding viral spread, its swiftness, followings, #search, RT, @tweets & recognition by Google search even makes it a viral king because it epitomizes the viral spread of messages. Firms couldn’t ask for more. Although not quite for photographers or good for campaigners, it is good for ‘newscasters’. And when titanic rivalry is added, irate Facebook turns nice when campaigns against it is let loose here. It suddenly grabs a ‘messiah.' Even ordinary sinners couldn’t ask for more.
GAPS: This ‘messiah,' however, has gaps. While allowed 140 characters restrict & deleting alone, not editing, is possible if faulty, even if correct. Follower @ PC is crucial – lest it vanish down under. In addition, unless retweeted, like posts, message are seen by the addressee alone. Although created as a social facility, with most sending invites to their sites & products, it’s getting as ‘commercial’ as Christmas. Consequently, diagnosing bigwigs, if not an outright celebrity, following few & many followers alone seem to air in the realm of ‘people talk & listen’ – as it was designed. Diagnosing a propagator with many tweets, 10K following &10K followers endorses ‘everybody talks, nobody listens.' While the former has landed irate leaders in political soup, the latter brings little soup despite a large following. While 0 tweets & 100 followers either surprises or airs auto-follow, @tweet from 0 following airs spam that needs blocking. Seeing ideal in human dealings – even in making & breaking ties (follow/unfollow), while this social construct dislikes & disallows automation, getting overloaded by 1K ac. creators, it hates software. With it protectively altering rules & canceling accounts without reason, earned 40K followers & brand username can just vanish. Suddenly, it as ‘cancellation king’ isn’t baseless. GOOGLE+ Although a brandless baby born in June 2011 & is fighting against mighty brands like Facebook & Twitter, Google+, also spoken of as Google Plus or just G+, by November, was able to deliver Google pages for firms. But then, how does this thinking baby fare against the other two grownups? WITH TWITTER: Matching Twitter, following doesn’t need an okay here. The message can be made public; its share button mimics RT & + mimics Twitter’s @. But then, Google+ messages aren’t limited by ‘140’ & tend to last longer. While they can be commented upon & even Google plussed to add honor, adding beauty editing of pics adds to honor of photographers who relish it. WITH FACEBOOK: Like in Facebook, messages can be commented upon, pics tagged, chat done, games played and pages created here. Unlike Facebook, however, following doesn’t need one’s OK, messages can be made public & access to public messages don’t need following. Editing of mistakes here has been a great bonus for scribes, who are increasingly using it.
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