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Can Distressed Pakistan Contain Terrorism On Its Soil After The Karachi Attack? -2
Although paying the USA and not-paying India and Afghanistan, along with its own, people expect and urge Pakistani rulers to find and punish the terrorists, yet bombing goes on and the ‘guilty’ roam freely. Its army kills terrorists in remote areas, but it has not nabbed leaders in the cities that air its supposed inaction. The rest even get annoyed with this supposed inaction, so the question is this: can Pakistan contain terrorism? Although some argue ‘Terrorism is a means of cash flow to its elite’- for the inaction, even if the elite willed, the question still is this: can Pakistan fight terrorism? With it not having a unified structure, but a conglomerate power structure, airing opposition to Islamists resulting in death - as shown by the blasphemy law incident that forced a status quo, and judges acquitting apprehended terrorists- fearing their own safety, Pakistan possibly isn’t able to contain terrorism. Although its minister’s statement, ‘India is yet to supply evidence on Mumbai attackers’ is a good defence, but as a defence against terror, isn’t good. Although it doesn’t look like Iraq yet, this land of pure that proudly countered nuclear India by producing its Islamic Bomb, serially lagged in economy, security of its people and then of its security agency- the army (Karachi attack)- which was its pride. While this suggests Pakistan cannot deal with the terrorists, it also suggests that the nation needs international help- both for the safety of its people and its nuclear arsenal. Although its pride is wounded from many sides, besides international help, Pakistan has to help itself in the fields that it can. In this, while following its ex PM’s sane advice to disregard India as an enemy enhances its democracy and aids diversion of funds from new missiles to badly needed economy, a Sino-US deal like business deal with India can convert painful hostilities to beneficial healthy competition. Addendum: Incidentally Pakistani General Kayani seems to agree with our suggestion ----------------------------------------------
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