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Mr Modi Becoming The Next Prime Minister of India: Can He? Should He? -1
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While his obvious suppression of progeny instinct through this is respectable and the feared progeny corruption is abolished, if practicing celibacy, respect for him should approach that of genuine Catholic Bishop and Hindu Brahmacharya. While making him a disciplined Hindu, his waking up at 5 AM and doing yoga and meditation is a punishing schedule not done by many devout Hindus, his having not taken holidays since 12 years airs the dedication of corner shop owning 1st generation UK Indians. With it being a reaction to Godhra carnage of Hindu devotees and him just recently become CM, the 2002 riot did match attack on Mumbai in suddenness, and his preparedness matched that of the dream city rulers. With less time to plan and 388 of 1,169 killed being Hindus, killed by army and by Muslims, a community clash and army in action alone explains the deaths and not a pogrom like Hitler exterminating Jews in gas chambers as claimed. Not being an original sin, blaming him for other people's misdeeds - including BJP MLA's - isn't right. Nor is terming it the worst since independence so, for other riots saw more deaths of Muslims. Far from being aloof like the leaders chairing other riots, he was active. With him interacting with media, imposing curfew after the death of 20 people, deploying Rapid Action Force and keeping Army on standby on the same day as the riot, and calling army to do a flag march with orders to shoot at sight the next day his performance was far better than theirs. He clearly can't be accused of being negligent, incompetent or biased. SIT (Supreme Court) giving him a clean-chit and no FIR being lodged against him, therefore, is not surprising. Although, him as fresh CM not yet having a full grip on his state machinery did show partisan behaviour by junior officials; as routinely happens in other riots, his public statements don't include ones like Rajiv Gandhi's 'When big tree falls ..' to nail him. Private enticement, as alleged by one officer among several, just amounts to disregarding of a single source intelligence input. Unlike apathy, delayed justice with fewer convictions or even justification of riots as by Indira Gandhi, the post riot period saw earlier conviction of more people - including one MLA - here. Although loss of lives of both communities was sad and terrible, and demands repatriation of both, media forgot about the Hindu victims and focused on the plight of Muslims. The silence of Hindu victims suddenly 'matched' the cacophony of blame on Modi that effectively made him voiceless too. Hinduism's Rajdharma demands equitable rule over all subjects. Despite the then-PM actually complimenting him for doing so, forgetting neutrality the media screamed 'respected Bajpai told him to do Rajdharma'. (Addition: Modi condemns rioters in Durdarsan TV and the then security advisor Gill says Modi did his best). And almost dimly relying on lobbying groups and media perception than intelligently relying on paid intelligence agencies, USA reportedly denied him entry. Not seeing community tension but religion at work, and almost repeating the previous mistake, 'polytheist free India will collapse', its thinkers denied Hinduism its pluralism and made it fearful. Suddenly through Modi, Hinduism itself was seen as bad. True to not being privy to internal secrets or deals, this assessment could easily be wrong. But then, even if not seen in the pre-riot interaction (which showed pleased Christians), with him having tasted blood and still having unfettered authority and as habits die hard, Mr Nandy's fear should become a reality and Muslims should see repeat riots or migration like of Pakistani Hindus or at least some tolerable misgivings. Far from those, and unlike by those lucky un-rebuked CMs, saving precious lives and offering relief to Muslims this most rebuked CM has stopped routine riots in his state altogether. Although, like racism, bigotry isn't avoidable, in addition to peace a record number - 41000 - applying for Hajj and more Muslims buying luxury cars do attest to their progress. Although Muslims who praise him are sneered at or threatened by their peers, his victory even from Muslim areas silently airs their praise. While the above suggests him doing for Muslims what other parties haven't done, if true, a Muslim leader's 'Gujarat is the best place for Muslims' even paints Rajdharma at work. Though accused of being a divider, he unites all communities on development. If a divider, he, on reflection, divides people into ones who follow media hype and those who do research. Tracing the latter, let alone critical Hindus, even critical Muslims including Asifa Khan have joined his party and have got exposure; not availed under 'secular' Congress. With Gujarat's progress not being possible with ideas of a single mind, him seeking suggestions in the Net, catering to women's issues when pointed and asking others to follow Tamil Nadu's development programmes, the accusation 'He doesn't listen' sounds undeveloped. While blame on him matches that on Nepal's ex-king Gyanendra, if both are innocent, their pain is significant and sad. Far from taking revenge on the media - as expected from a rioter - him still believing in freedom of expression and the necessity of criticism for progress is admirable. Beating Mr B Laxman and reflecting his dedication, while him being of a humble birth (OBC) rising to be a PM candidate of a projected Brahmin's party will air democracy at work in the party, adding becoming a PM will remind success of Obama through American dream, adding him transferring that dream to all Indians will air Abraham Lincoln at work. However, with democracy easily producing 5 years dictators, once decided, although him as 'single-minded' -as he is accused of - could make him a Tony Blair- who using 'I lead' took UK to Iraq despite protests, it could equally make him a Singapore developing Lee Kuan Yew. Guided by Rajdharma, if he takes a middle path (even Muslims finding peace and progress), this most criticised CM could easily become the most favoured. Not barred by constitution like in USA, he could go for 3 terms or more. And when he does so, like Thatcherism, he could easily create Modism. Unlike the former's domain, if it is Rajdharma guided, propelled by friendly and ubiquitous media Modism could be global. -------------------------------
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