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The American Presidential Elections 2016: Will Hillary or Trump Win in The Social Media And The Main Media Battle?
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Who is Better For America? Almost like forgetting George Washington owning slaves, let's forget their misadventures and negative behaviours and focus on their good deeds and plans. Winston Churchill once said 'A leader is one, who is able to predict what will happen in the future, and then is able to explain why they did not happen'. Although promises, like Obama's closure of Guantanamo remained promises alone, even if we were to forget those promises and their weaknesses, examination of their past can still lets us know about them.
What to Look For in Them?: Being an ex presidents wife and she herself being the secretary to president Obama, Hillary has a huge experience in both the national and international politics. If elected, Americans will get a president, who knows the nooks and the corners of the Capital Hill. In addition, her becoming the president will not only create history, as the first women president of the most powerful nation on earth, it will energies many competitive women in the USA and the world with a, 'The American president is a woman'. Yes she has lied, but the foundation of politics is based on lies. No wonder people dislike people, who are in the political game. But, even if we disregard her lies, her words seem to speak louder than her actions. Although she has voted here and there for good causes, her inaction to create any major change has been a problem. Or if the Clinton Foundation's growth is seen as a change, then action in the wrong field is her problem. Yes, her husband's inappropriate actions on women brings no fault on her. It rather makes her a victimised wife. But her disrespect for his victims almost makes her a co-accused. Even if she is seen with excitement as a woman president, she has not had any significant impact on women's lives. Her use of personal email on state matters is not carelessness alone but a dangerous incompetence that negates the praised experience. Her deleting of her 35000 emails, after being served a subpoena is simply illegal. Like by Obama, her stoop before the Saudi monarch and her connections with the Muslim world may not be palatable to the Islam fearing and human rights loving Americans. Even if her inaction is disregarded, while her rule with Obama has made the USA that is today, her promises are not uniquely different to that of Obama (who supports her). Her rule, therefore, would essentially bring an Obama III rule. Yes, Trump doesn't have much experience in politics, and non what so ever in the workings of the Capital Hill. That lack, however, doesn't extend to other fields. For a single goal to be successful and that too in multiple arena, he has taken the initiative to establish several companies. He has been successful too. His money that is even financing his candidacy eludes to that fact. Strangely however, even when he was not successful (he has been bankrupt at times) his use of tax method has been praised!! He, in other worlds, is a man of goal and action. and is not dumb - as is projected. He wants to bring back the glory of America. If that becomes a reality, it's good for the Americans. And if he and Putin do come together, a third world war, at least, is not going to happen. Since the Oval Office is run by many advisors, caucus groups, security officials etc and America has not had problems even with a buffoon with the right connections, he won't be a problem. If not already proven and jailed, they will restrain his gab and his attitude towards immigrant employees and women. I
If Americans go for his personality and not his actions then they will lose an action man, who has the potential to change America. It will also be difficult for many men to run for the top job. Will Trump or Hillary Win The Election?: Although Hilary was riding high, the latest projection is that Trump is catching up. But these studies have been quite good at predicting the results. Unless there is rigging of the election results that Trump eludes to, the only fact that does the trick is the voters state of mind on the election day. Unlike the astrologers and the rest who seem to be divided, this professor, however, seems to be sure about the outcome. With her being a woman and having the stated experience, media being resolutely behind her and Trump being Trump she should have a free way to the Whitehouse. But then, while she gets the incumbency factor acting against her and her lies, inaction and proximity to the Middle East dismays many the consequent overall distrust pulls back even the women who want a female president - for a change. On the other hand, if his future goals and successes in the past are not considered, and if the anti Islam and anti Obama people were not in his side Trump would have only his loudmouth with him. The media, which even Napoleon Bonaparte feared, forgets the needed neutrality and chooses to ditch him. That too in a bad way. With him being made a clown by them, although his serious message was not given due credence, when he had a chance to air them to a national audience in the second televised debate, he did not air the badly needed smile. Instead, while his look was even saying 'you filth' to Hillary, her lips were airing a smile and simply brushing aside his anger and accusations. Only the third debate saved him. All was not out of tune, however. Unlike the main media, social media that once virtually gave Obama his 2nd term, was with him in the fight. With Julian Assange seeing freedom in his camp, WikiLeaks alone would not mind supporting him. His gob is also getting better with the use of 'only'. But he needs an 'only plus' to really climb up. It is strange to note that this election seems to rely not on how good a candidate is, it is rather relying on how bad the other candidate is. With the election results depending on what voters think on that day (as noted above), probability of rigging, involvement of the courts - as in George Bush's time - and further revelations it is difficult even for the astrologers, let alone political pundits to predict, who finally wins. And the elections are coming close. However, as stated above, one week is a long time in politics. And debates have finished but revelations haven't. Trump's bombshells have finished but Hillary ones haven't. Media's punches have finished but WikiLeaks ones haven't. It might throw a nasty punch at the end. If that happens results may change. If not status quo could just continue.
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