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Like the Iranian Islamic Revolution the Indian Elections 2014 Win by the BJP Was a Hindu Revolution: the Why, the Need & the Effect 1
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Continued... Therefore, although BJP's choice for Modi's candidature in this ancient city was due to regional political necessity which did bring dividends, and Modi won even without interacting with the locals, in light of the above the occult design to enhance HR can't be missed. Also, almost as a facilitation, the aspired Raj Dharma, like the Islamic Sharia, also merges politics and faith. And when popularity skyrocketed, the quiescent airing of dislike of pink revolution changed to an open display of Lord Ram's picture in the podium at Ajodhya. A disallowance of a prayer at the Mother Ganga even created a revolt with a religious zeal. A challenge to the election commission followed. The Biting Teeth: The RSS, VHP, Ramdev, etc. Although, less noticed, the hidden biting teeth in its turn was no less in its activity to insure an effective HR. Though some sadhus opposed Modi, RSS, VHP, yoga guru Ramdev and many other holy men and women dedicated their efforts towards it. Even penetrating the states and villages virgin to the BJP, they offered a cocktail of messages - Hindutva, development and Modi's humble beginnings. But then restricting itself to the change of government and 100% vote and teaching of Vedic techniques for the media, its door-to-door campaign had more to offer to unite all sects. No wonder that, while parliament had more saints and RSS was thanked by Modi even before the results, Ramdev was made a hero for awakening the voters, after the results. Victory and The Blessing from Hindu Mothers And when the chance to air its view followed, enforcing HR, Hindutva came into the open. Tracing utmost importance given to the genetic mother, guru and the Mother Ganga, the PM elect took traditional blessings from his mother and the ailing Bajpai, and then travelled to Banaras to seek blessings from Lord Viswanath. While his thank you puja at its Viswanath temple (jyotirlinga) and Ganga now got a live telecast, his promise to cleanse Mother Ganga got praise from many. Reflecting both Hindutva and the demand being from the religious rather than the secular, the cleansing of the Mother Ganga now even got a ministry headed by a sadhwi. Almost reminding a NO to pork export from Islamic Iran after the Shah's departure, the frown on the 'pink revolution' now climbed up to possible 'global' NO to beef export. But then, true to HR and unlike any parallels in Iran, plans to safeguard cows now emerged. Getting back to human beings, Bollywood may stand corrected with traditional family oriented films. More Show of Hindutva Taking 'mother' even further, while Modi put his forehead on the steps of the parliament unlike the usual kiss by the Pope, once in he made his MPs cry by invoking duty to mother in the duty to the BJP. Unlike 12 others, who took the oath in the mother of all languages and a lingua franca of Hinduism, though he didn't do so despite a rumour to the contrary, Sanskrit has got a new lease on life. Its close derivative, Hindi, has been given an international dignity; and then, despite opposition, it is to be given national prestige too. Directly opposing Lord Macaulay's successful English plan, this act itself constitutes a revolution. In addition, although the concept of 'mother earth' is yet to come, this filling of India with respect of mother speaks volumes in favour of a HR. Finally: Surely a Hindu Revolution Almost confirming a HR, while RSS chief likens the present change to the change of 1947 and sees a long term rule - even as a global leader - to substantiate that goal and to avoid cyclical victory, Modi orders his troops to invade virgin Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Sounding more like Business to Business, the B for B of BJP for Bharat for Bhutan, although, doesn't sound big now, It indicates a possible future baptism. Although the above clearly shows a silent HR - as if Gandhi's satyagraha was at work – even if still unseen, highlighting the need for the HR the next article will allude more. Thanks for reading the article. Please do not forget to send us your comments
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