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Indian Elections 2014 - A Hindu Revolution: What Made the Hindus Seek a Revolution, like the Iranians?
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Exasperation with The British Rule The Brits - next in line - didn't directly kill as many civilians, but they created famine that killed many- only subdued. Unlike the Portuguese, whose missionaries slaughtered many and destroyed temples in the name of love of Jesus, and anointed some of the wrongdoers as saints (who are immortalised in convent schools), although the Brits didn't do so, their revenge killing after the first mutiny in 1857 and the second killings at Jalalabad changed Indian history. Although they burned books alone and not libraries like the Muslims, their brilliant plan to make 'Indian in colour and British in taste' wiped out India's past - an entire civilization from the Indian mind - in just a century or so. With it making rule over land easy and rule over mind even easier, and them sensing rule remaining same like the transmigrating soul in either case, they planned for an ongoing rule through the Macaulay's children - as if they were Warren Buffet's future dividends. It wasn't difficult, though, for on the one hand, English was made compulsory and Western ideas were promoted, glorified and quoted; on the other hand, unburnt Hindu texts were mistranslated and Manu Smriti amongst them was crowned as the highest scripture. Its social system was denigrated as 'brahminical', as was its lingua franca, Sanskrit - the language of its history, religion, philosophy and maths. Ones who didn't set their feet in India, e.g. Marx and Weber, became the authority figures. Being foreigners, feeling foreign and having a homeland far away, the Brits, unlike the Moghuls, always acted as outsiders. Giving colour (fair) and making a race out of Arya (noble), they propelled the Aryan Invasion Theory that changed its colour like a chameleon to form 'Aryan Immigration'. It offered a triple feast out of dividing Indians (Aryan/Dravidian), justifying their rule (Aryans from outside) and strengthening Christianity (Bible constrained dating). And, the railway wasn't built for the locals. Furthermore, while post mutiny revenge killings of artisans and their associates pushed the country towards agriculture, discriminatory trade, corruption and transfer of cash and techniques to the West pushed it's GDP to 3% from 23%. With Hinduism having being reduced to caste, sati, child marriage, 'monkey worshippers' etc., the formed self-loathing Indian saw the cause of India's problems as 'us Indians' and 'our outdated faith'. Seeing the maturation of 'Macaulay's Children' and the fruition of future drones in it, Lord Macaulay's grin was clear, as were the frowns of the Hindus. Exasperation with the Socialist Rule Although all rejoiced when Independence knocked at India's doors, Hindus frowned at the first political shuffle that saw Gandhi bending party rules in caving into atheist Nehru's demand to be the PM candidate - instead of the legitimate desi unifier, Sardar Patel. The turn of the Macaulay's children had come. Thus, the Brits didn't come, rule and then go, they continued to rule through their 'Sir, yes, sir' men. With them praising their former rulers, they even showed Munchausen's syndrome. But then, despite Nehru's love for the Brits - British in taste - he didn't bring a full blown Macaulay's rule though. With dreams for the poor coming from the north, equality was heard louder than freedom and fraternity. The Macaulay's child, Chacha, suddenly turned socialist, and as if echoing the desertion of the Brits for the love of socialism, faith in God followed water of a river. Having used faith richly during the struggle - unlike in the USA and in France - even making Gandhi a Hindu spokesman, and then availing a defined homeland for the Hindus and the Muslims - as for the Jews - in the painful partition, the offering of Godless socialism, now, wasn't what Hindus wanted. Nehru seeing factories as temples, and also not seeing their effluent polluting the Ganges didn't make the Ganga worshipers happy. Their pain didn't end there, though. For when Gandhi died of gun shots, the liberal and conservative division saw strengthening of liberal and communal. And when the reigning queen, Indira, added 'secular' in the constitution without a referendum - when the Nehruvian socialism was at its peak after the man's death - resentment only climbed. Though godly India's de facto national ethos of 'sarba dharma samanbaya' was already eroded by godless socialism, now it saw a de-jure 'state with no religion'. Though godlessness can't respect godliness and the claimed 'respect for all faiths' could easily be Hindu, the now-opposed Hindu ways of the state possibly had to do with old habits dying hard than faith. While the change of the nation's ethos without a referendum was painful, the loss of majority power through 'majority meant little and minority did not mean little' hurt more. In addition, now the liberal/communal split metamorphosed into secular/communal. And a tamed majority and special privileges made the minorities elated. But then, having less control over their worship centres than the minorities, Hindus resented being the only majority in the world who had lesser rights. Disapproval of West like Universal Civil Code didn't add joy. The Language Apartheid With Sanskrit sucked out of its usefulness and left out, and its younger cousin Hindi, as an AIT dividend, stumbling into a Dravidian outcry, the elite language English remained the undisputed lingua franca; Western thought the Gospel and thinkers the quoted idols. English was the rule; Western thinkers were the rulers. Unlike Al Azhar University or the Vatican, JNU with a leftist slant was the proxy rule centre. Almost like Arrian (c.95-175) on India, translated texts became the primary source, and authority on its history didn't need Sanskrit - like Latin for a Roman historian. While the language of the original - Sanskrit - was in its death bed in a few Indian and Western universities, the uncared texts in the original remained in the domain of rodents. The Anglophone clearly were more equal than others, for they had the opportunities and an intellectual cartel saw interdependent quotations. Non-English expressions were still 'native' intellectually. With English bringing international accolades, even Hindi books had few takers. No wonder English has destroyed India, screams RSS. In the abode of learning, let alone from the lack of Sanskrit, Hindus now had to resent the relative dearth of space given to Hindu heroes in the texts. Foreign rule was sanitised; for truth and reconciliation never arrived from South Africa. In addition, tracing not science that said 'Indians have one gene' but the divisive British, it continued with AIT in its history lessons. While the great Aryas e.g. Adi Sankara, Panini, Kalidasa etc. remained unquoted and un-resurrected, and Arya 'the noble one' still remained a race, un-investigated, Mahabharata remained a myth. Hinduism continued to trace the smooth vanishing of the Harrapans. The Rival Religionists Having received an unfair deal from the state, the deal from their rival religionists was no different. While, Muslims rejected the 'only 3 main temples', as stated above, Christians rejected stoppage of induced conversions. Displeased with fled Kashmiri Pundits being refugees in their own land, they weren't pleased with Hindus having to fight for temples and water at other places as well. With cows having mundane and spiritual significance, and cow protection being central part of Hinduism even to Gandhi, India becoming world's leading beef exporter was painful. Though fed up with secular Congress using Muslims as vote bank and still remaining secular, and secular meaning minority appeasement, it wasn't happy with its coreligionist's disunity either. Having more media clout, incredibly more economic might (largest real estate owner and 2nd largest employer) and an international Christian ummah, even 2% Christians had more power. With Waqf board boasting 3 position after defence and railways, in election time summoning powerful Congress leaders, Muslims weren't less either. But then an attempt to unify all using Ram temple brought dishonour to Hinduism itself. 'Fundamentalist', instead, became palpably louder and as a retort minoritism became pseudo-secularism. Free Speech Not for the Hindus Yes the press was free, even to disregard copyrights, but that freedom was for the secularists, even minorities, not for Hindus. With minorities, as 'Enemy's enemy is my friend', graduating to a lesser of the two evils - even a working friend - and Hindu being what USA is to the Jihadist, the onslaught of reporter's 'Pen is mightier than the sword' fell on the neck of the Hindus. The Brit's 'Indians are bad' that denied Indian judges to try them now shifted to 'Hindutwa is bad'. Any one defending or favouring Hinduism was 'communal' and 'fundamentalist'. Accusations on Mody was feasted upon. Hinduism was still the cause of India's ills. Most discussion on problems ended in RSS and the caste system. While national press shielded minority errors and amplified ones by the majority, it kept mum on the demographic changes in the North East. Calling its slow growth Hindu growth rate and headlining its poverty and rape incidents, the international press wasn't fair either. More importantly however, western professorial output on the PhD students, encyclopaedias or books like Kaali's child were humiliating for them. In fact, as the pain of a double edged sword, while at home Macaulay's children brought misery, internationally these 'Sir, yes, sir' men brought 'Indians can be trained but they cannot think'. The descendents of ones, who gave 0, algebra, yoga, meditation, etc. to the world were not happy. Exasperation with Globalisation Yes, its cherished globalization brought technology, and used the Internet (sprouting blogs, comments, websites etc) that bypassed media and provided true freedom of expression for the 1st time. However, becoming a global worker was for the Anglophone elite alone. Inequality continued. Not quite fitting into their aspiration of abstinence that invigorates youth, and the ideal of 'view women as your mum' that ushers social stability, they found 'have sex but with condom' as tasteless as having sex with a condom. Hindutwa sensed insecurity in the change of beauty to sexy (from face to six pack abs) and the descent of bliss of love to bliss of body brought by Sexual Revolution Plus. It is saddened by the latter's products - moral decay, family breakups and rape epidemic. In fact, seeing a shift in culture, like by the Japanese, Hindus saw India losing its soul. Contrasting all these with the historic glory wasn't comforting either. Sliding down from the domain that extended from Afghanistan to Indonesia and aired the largest temple The Angkor Watt, it found itself clutching the subcontinent alone. While partition forced it to lose Pakistan, additional amputation of the North East distinctly gave Hindus the pain of the 'Great Britain Syndrome' - a la little Britain. Their Future was Even Worse Yes, Hindu shrinkage ushering a vanishing touch was worrisome, but believing in 'India is secular because of Hinduism' they worried more about being a minority under the Semites. This isn't because of losing a competition, but, not ruling out a clash between the two aggressively proselytising faiths, they see, with horror, the alarming decrease and untold sufferings of their Bangladeshi and Pakistani brethren. Unless saved by modernity, they greatly fear a return to the stage when Hindu was used as a humiliating word by the Muslims and Hindoo, as humiliating spelling by the Christians. Strangely the other eater, atheism, looked so innocent. Hindu shrinkage ushering a vanishing touch was worrisome, but believing in 'India is secular because of Hinduism' they worry about being a minority under the Semites. This isn't because of losing a competition, but, not ruling out clash between the two aggressively proselytising faiths, it sees with horror the alarming decrease and untold sufferings of their Bangladeshi and Pakistani brethren. Unless saved by modernity, it greatly fears the return to a stage, when Hindu was used as a humiliating word by the Muslims and Hindoo as humiliating spelling by the Christians. Strangely the other eater, atheism, looked so innocent. ... And Finally Ravaged by history, disregarded by the nation, made less privileged by the law, taunted by its rival religionists, battered intellectually by the press and the rest, and the future giving fear alone make the Hindus as angry as the revolting Muslims. Though the above doesn't make the revolution surprising, its smoothness through elections, unlike the Iranian revolution,
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