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A Modi victory would bode ill for India, say Rushdie, Kapoor, Khan, Bhabha et al. in The Guardian - A Rebuttal 1
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Continued... Far from just corruption issue, a Congress victory in this election has a major implication to India and the world. Unlike a BJP's win that could deal with the corrupt - including bringing home cash stacked in foreign banks, a Congress's win makes the BJP a 'never winning party' and the Congress 'invincible'- even if corrupt. Beyond this converting this country into a de facto one party state, added dynasty almost makes it monarchical. Furthermore, with the corrupt being unpunished and thus becoming untouchable, it would only mean skyrocketing of corruption and India’s poverty. The future of democratic India would thus be bleak, and future of the UN and the West will see resources drained into feeding of Indians. More Mistakes Sadly their mistakes do not end there. They continue. Although, dutiful orchestration by the Indian media made their message penetrate the educated, the wrong timing (in the eve of election) has given little chance for the rest to reflect and vote accordingly. It thus has only made international headlines for the signatories.n addition, almost like an unplanned 'We want to get rid of the king' revolution inviting a counterrevolution, their 'no to Modi’ does not include yes to someone else. With post victory BJP leader other than Modi not being practical (chaos by the cheated) as asserted in the rebuttal to The Economist, and the 3rd front not yet born, both by stronger logic than their assertion and by default a support for Rahul Gandh as PM is clear. Unmentioned support for Rahul thus gets mentioned and analysed below. With both western and Indian analyst predicting a victory for Modi, this default support for a losing candidate Rahul, can’t be said to be prudent. More than not tracing the wise aphorism 'If you can't beat them join them' or the USA's recent u-turn, it also fails to see the much larger implication of the assertion (not the act) The Enigma Although sales do affect media, not seeing discernible cash, what made them do so is an enigma. With the fear of Modi to India, thus not supported by logics and appearing scaremongering, and fear of Him being the 'Indian Putin' to the West being supported by more logics, their attempt could be explained by 'They do not know what they are doing' or a Lenin's 'useful idiots' or something else. These thinkers will very soon be proved wrong. Thinkers of that calibre being proven wrong will indeed be sad. ------------------------------

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