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AMBITION DIFFERENCE Not being born with golden spoon yet loving, luxury, adulation and fame- including Hollywood or 10 minutes TV one, excepting night ones, although most daydream them, available through social structure, success needs ambition as an 'on your mark'. With contented gene car-rying basic instinct aware ones contented with basics and others just wishfully thinking, ambitious ones are few. Matching it and reminding red revolt, with less educated workers outweighing educated leaders, while structure itself forms numerical pyramid compelling competition, tiled by ladder and needing success to climb, it is more precise than Egyptian. However, needing, certificate,hard work, sex, deceit, right place right time and sheer luck even for atheists, including death/retirement for success it isn’t uncorrupt. With tussle demanding ‘best in town’, and abler ambition feathering away and shoving us to 'Tom, Dick...', pushing us, burning or persistent ambition alone works. SEXES As if following anatomy, sexes differ. MAN Beyond loving victory, rivalry, ideas and position, social pressure to achieve makes men patent ambition. WOMEN Not not having ambition but limiting it to looking beautiful, marrying high off and having good kids, and lacking evidence, support and chance reminding blacks in white countries, women traditionally have less ambition. Exceptional toppers in history were exceptionally ambitious or just lucky. MODERN CHANGE With modern civilization bestowing education/opportunity, toppers offering evidence and men - encouragement, while thinking beyond traditional roles women equal men in ambition, almost forming masculine phase, many prefer male terms (ambition included). Although few women in upper echelon deflates it, even causes resentment, beyond refusing affirmative action, more going up - more ambition - even more up, forms a vicious cycle. Reminding shares, although high of maiden with 'can achieve anything' timely aiding academia goes down with motherhood, its coming up in prime 30s/40s timely aids against men's in decline then. Funnily, as if one going up needs another's down, with shapely one’s ambition build up joining muscular one’s erosion and ‘man is what he thinks’, stage of confusion glees! --------------------------
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
‘Knowledge is power’
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The essay on ambition difference given below highlights one of many differences between the sexes. Like here, implications of those differences are also elaborated upon. It is typical of the style of writing. Colored text indicates references.
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