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Sexual Revolution Brought STD And Social Change: Is Our World Becoming A Fearful Place? -2 Contd...
While kids suffer from womb transmitted viruses, sex abuse, and parental divorce, older ones suffer as transported sex slaves. Even an endowed stud, who makes love with others wives, feels insecure about his own future wife’s infidelity. Sadly, 10% or more of trusting husbands could be rearing other men’s kids. And of course, poaching of spouses and the fear attached to it isn’t uncommon. With love gone even from love making, insecurity is reigning high and physical ailments have upgraded themselves to include mental ailments. Suddenly, infested by abuse, slavery, mistrust, fear, STDs, and the guilt of making a video or transmitting STDs, our beautiful blue planet that we call ‘our world’ is increasingly becoming a dangerous place. With women also regarding sex as just sex and making themselves available as galvanized by ‘Sex and the City’, New York, the place that I feel alone qualifies to be called a city, suddenly comes up with shocking figures of STDs. Although Las Vegas is the sin city, with STD prevalence almost approaching 35% of the populace on average in New York City, it compels me to ask, ‘Is it OK to marry a New Yorker without a STD check? But then sexual bliss having to do with same or opposite sex copulation alone is a social construct. In essence, it actually demands friction of erotic tissues. Almost reminding us of Jesus’ return awaiting St Paul’s ‘Only marry if you cannot control’ (1 Cor. 7:1), can this save those who can’t control and then in turn save humanity? -------------------------
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