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Did Distrust of Pakistan Aid in The Nabbing Of Bin Laden?
Although an admired figure for some Muslims but a bogeyman and a shadowy one for the rest, almost reminding many of an episode of a massive heart attack, Bin Laden is suddenly dead and World is abuzz with ‘Bin Laden’- the talk of the town. Although the ‘world will be a safer place’ and his ascent to heaven after a ‘brilliant’ burial is doubted, improved chances of Obama’s re-election isn’t. Ever since he made the mighty empire come down to its knees with the double hit on the twin towers, almost reminding us of Helen of Troy, this man made nations clash. Robbed of nationhood and badly bruised but not quite dead, akin to sacrifice for a cause, this millionaire headed for the Tora Bora caves - where only a kind God, if not an incompetent CIA, extended his life on Earth. As if to make fun of ISI or to make their search for him damn easy, the Tora Bora man suddenly appeared in front of the cantonment at Abbotabad. But then, despite a $1 million worth property, almost like habits die hard, if not ‘Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink’, he lived uncomfortably without the Internet . Although unlike Harrison Ford in ‘Fugitive,' CIA tracing this fugitive, who had a bounty on his head, was a major surprise even to ISI that showed disinterest in the bounty - if CIA’s guess is believed, the man living comfortably under the nose of Army cantonment was a surprise to the rest alone. Although Pakistan is blamed for Bin Laden living right under its nose, it inadequately implies just the closeness of distance. His residence offers much more. Unlike Saddam aiming for the center of the world that made searching for him difficult; causing even annoyance like Babel’s tower, Bin Laden alarmingly aimed for the sky. While this gave a noticeable Mt. Everest effect amongst the dwellings of lesser mortals surrounding it, even if raised eyebrows brought by the tall wall got away with grandeur of the rich, the upper wall must have been unusual, even for the locals, if not for those who were contained in the cantonment nearby. In addition, while lack of a dustbin would have been a surprise for bin men, lack of telephone cables would have been a surprise for the telecom. With Net being pseudo private and an easy target for CIA hacking, although Bin laden rightly decided to have nothing to do with it, not having one in the luxurious house in an area where even a lesser mortal created history by tweeting about the attack only brought sheep amidst goats. Although a primitive way of news delivery through trusted pigeon or man has always worked, and the man’s courier still remained loyal, the latter’s use of a plated car was too modern. While these gave obvious signals, cocktailing of closeness of cantonment and distrust of Pakistan, answered more. In this, although target-cantonment closeness was possibly reasoned as ‘CIA won’t suspect,' with the ISI allegedly working the CIA and FSB simultaneously, the USA made the logic backfire, such as not making the USA inform Pakistan before or during the attack, the backfired distrust reasoned ISI planted and protected him close by. Suddenly, fitting into a jigsaw puzzle, a luxurious house with no Internet or effluence but high walls got an addition of reasoning for nearness of cantonment. And when the courier did a catalyst, Bin Laden had no chance but surprise alone. And finally, almost like his flesh devoured by fish, a brilliant sea burial gave him no physical martyrdom that he aimed for, nor possibly a heavenly abode. ----------------------------------------------
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