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'Facing that onslaught, the medical profession's defensive Great Wall of China would be to investigate the patient left right and centre. This over investigation almost parallels the excess amount of food partly eaten and thrown away by the rich, when people are starving in the world. Almost like the hill stream, money would find its way to the academia. Suddenly, like Bukhari facing zillions of fake hadiths while producing his authentic Islamic Hadith, sane journals would face multitude of bogus research papers. 3. The Government: Prevalent in Denmark, Australia and the UK; in this system the government raises taxes and through that, it pays for the health care of all. The NHS: We all know that the capitalist system focuses on the rich and the socialist/communist system guards the workers. Almost as a product of perfect merging of ideals of both the capitalist and the socialist philosophies, the labour government started NHS in the UK after the Second World War. That merger formed this beautiful system. Although this system does not pay for cosmetic surgery and one has to pay a small charge for outside prescriptions, the system is otherwise free for all. The following factors form the allure of this system: 1. For all people: Not only that of the very poor, the NHS takes out the stress of ailment of people, who have failed in their first responsibility i.e. getting a job. It helps the people, who don't earn enough for a day to day living - for whom illness would bring major adversities in life. Furthermore, it doesn't leave the misguided ones like the drug addicts or the alcoholics either. In addition, they may not get so much of sympathy but it does not leave out the ones, whose rights have been withheld i.e. the convicts. Even the surprised immigrant isn't left out. 2. For all ailments: Far from being only for the ordinary illnesses, being for all flesh and for all diseases, this health care follows all or none principle. Yes, it doesn't shy away from organ transplants or major metastatic cancer surgery. It may not reach the stage of cosmetic care, as ugliness is not defined as illness, but when it adds the word 'morbid', it makes obesity a disease. It then offers treatment for morbid obesity. 3. Help for the infirm: With rights overtaking duties in the fast moving selfish modern world, elderly do feel uncared for even by their families. No wonder, the evolved loneliness grabs alcohol as a buddy. Yes NHS treats that illness, but aiding even infirmity it offers free prescription at 60! And hospital admissions do not exclude social admissions. Even carers are provided for them when living gets tuff. NEXT BACK
NHS: Why This Globally Best Health Care System is Becoming Sick? Is Privatisation The Solution?
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