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Kejriwal's AAP Party: Why Its Beginning Was Good For India And Why Its End Will Be Good 
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 Lending a helping hand to Anna's fight against corruption till a brand was formed, maintaining the goal yet parting ways as if tracing Gandhi/Netaji split - with or without the guru's blessing - yet riding high on the brand so made as if it was a gift from the guru, Anna, Kejriwal formed a group. Not quite like the 'if you can't beat them join them' his group suddenly formed a party with a difference- AAP. And when it shifted the dream world from Mumbai to Delhi, and aspiring activists from afar to the capital city it suddenly swelled up like an overeating newly rich kid. Its acts skyrocketed and a revolution was on its way. And when the gathered neurons got a light bulb flash to use social media tricks, this despised and spoken off infant party, suddenly came second in line to the throne in Delhi. Like infant Krishna instilling fear on demon Putna, its meteorite rise suddenly instilled fear in the hearts of the big two - BJP and the Congress. Though this victory of an infant party was phenomenal, that through ways that defied conventional vote bank politics of caste, religion, language and ethnicity - in addition to tall promises, Net use and efficient manpower use formed a revolution. It taught India that minoritism, corruption, charge sheeted legislators and horse trading aren't right. While the latter pre- empted BJP's Delhi dream despite 'majority', its tricks even found copy cats in the big two. Having split from a guru, almost as habits die hard, this new kid in town suddenly became a guru itself. It almost invited a 'promising' prize like the one given to Obama. Though, it changed India for good- even if temporarily - its usefulness seems to end there. Notwithstanding a deafening silence on the development front or absence of governing experience, its good acoustics on the fight against corruption almost brought in the emotions invoked by freedom slogans. Taking Delhiites by storm and giving them a promised Messiah, like a viral YouTube video, it almost took Indians by storm. Riding high on that wave, and almost seeing light at the end of the tunnel - as if it was a near death experience, it blissfully eyed the seats in the nation's centre. But then, with its centralized diverse brains united by a common enemy-corruption- alone like the Syrian opposition, all pleasing manifesto itself doesn't sound easy- unless vetoed by its oligarchs. Even if done, fielding less scrutinised incorrupt candidates nationwide in a short time could prove, logistically impractical. With its own victory being unfeasible and the feasible thing being the cutting of winner's votes, its success could sadly form ineffective hung parliament. With the nation desperate for a clear victor to implement development plans and to recreate India shining, this could be a disaster for India. In relation to its opposition bench plans, majority alone changes things unless minority becomes unruly. Luckily for India, it is going downhill on donations, prestige and popularity. Unless external funding or a deal with Congress to stop BJP is proven to hint Egypt like a planned beginning, a planned bureaucratic noncooperation - as was done to Islamic Brotherhood's Morsi - to thwart the threat to ruler/ruled equation by the two big two, could have caused its 'fall'. More so, however, while an unconventional electioneering brought it to power, an equally unconventional way of rule is bringing it down. For example, despite electioneering brilliance, its lack of vision on threats from fans not foes, lack of respect for republic day, office and official secrecy despite oath, and use of quick fix agitations not formal procedures have brought frown even among its intellectual admirers. While modification of election promises has dismayed hopefuls, its alleged inflexible dictatorial ways have brought resignations and expulsions. In view of the above, even if its rise was good for India and Delhi, its 'demise' is a good news for India.                                                                                      ---------------------------------

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