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Do We Need Anonymity For Surfing Like The Laws For Phone Tapping? -2
4 . Hybrid system: Being a big company and with multiple computers all over the world, TorProject combines multiple IP addresses with channelized data transfer. This isn’t good news for data capturing sites and hackers. Although this travel through many computers makes downloading time long, the anonymity it provides has helped many journalists, scientists, politicians etc. 5. Data destruction: Data is like a precious diamond. However, they can bring disaster if placed in the wrong hands. Data needs deleting.The truth is that when we use proxies, even if the data isn't available to the websites, it is available to the proxies. This only makes it look like a simple shift of data from one company to another. This data needs deletion. While the ISP gets the transit data, our HDs store all of the received data. Remember CIA agents didn't torture Al Qaeda’s agents to get information. They were lucky to get a hold of its leader’s computer. No wonder learning about Al Qaeda’s weaknesses, financially weakened USA gleefully got an opportunity to withdraw its troupes from Afghanistan. Although wrong data, like pedophile pics, in the right hands like a computer repairer can nab pedophiles, right data, such as bank details, in the wrong hands can bring disaster - even more so when the gadget is negligently thrown away or sold. Data can be destroyed at three levels: 1. At proxy level: One should make sure that data gets destroyed by the proxy company. Tor doesn’t store data. Other companies destroy data when accounts are closed. 2. At browser level: Anonymous browser and Hide my IP address that Tor uses destroys data once the browser is closed. 3. At HD level: With deleting data may not be making much of a difference thanks to flourishing data recovering software alone, as done by Jetico, data needs rewriting – that too thrice for a permanent deletion. We are living in dangerous times where greed for money is at its peak. In addition, unlike circulation of just the stories in the past, now many of our actions are recorded. They can be rewound and brought forward just like that. In this scenario, above methods can help one avoid future financial, if not, a social ruin. ------------------------------ 1 2
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