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women's empowerment
What is this monumental piece of literature all about?
Is this a book on major world religions? Is this a book on women empowerment & gender inequality? Is this a book on democracy- system of governance? Is this a book on capitalism or communism? Is this a book on sexual revolution? Is this a book on the British Empire? Is this a work on the Protestant Reformation? Is this a literature on racism? Is it an encyclopedia written by many writers like the E. Britannica? Is it just a future asserting work like that of Nostradamus? Or Is it an encyclopedia encompassing all of those and more?
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
‘Knowledge is power’
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Raise the vol to listen to the lady airing awe @ the SINGLE author encyclopedia
World’s encyclopedic knowledge compacted in your hand
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1. Illustrating secular and religious past, present and future of mankind, this book embodies a small history of its own - a monument of literature unparalleled in written past. You will be holding a historic work. More. 2. Bound in a single book, offering the flow of a novel, you will avail enlightening knowledge of more than 150 subjects. View contents. 3. The coherent, detailed contents within this book are a must for women. Some even regard it as a woman's bible, but let it fool you not; this work empowers both men and women. 4. Although this work offers a detailed perspective on religions, the contents do not dwell on religion alone. There is a significant focus on secular matters, that not pertaining to religion or spirituality, appeals to both the faithful and the impartial. More. 5. Although this work illuminates more than 50 intimate differences between the sexes beyond those commonly known to us, it doesn't dwell on gender differences alone. 6. Different to traditional enlightenment, this work narrates more than 45 factors forming modern civilization, even pinpointing its starting date. This book doesn't, however, reside only on detailing modern civilization. 7. That bound within this book predicts the future, to complement works of Nostradamus and other futurologists. The outcome is not fictional; it educates the reader on the direction of our civilization with justification of those claims. 8. Empowering both men and women, this book is a gift to modern civilization and the underestimated intellectuals therein. More 9. Providing input on both religious and secular affairs, the contents are balanced to approach any reader comfortably. 10. As opposed to a discussion based on input from a particular subject area, this work offers original concepts on several subjects from a highly philosophical angle. A reader of any background can relate to the topics brought forward in this book. 11. You will be immersed in an aesthetically pleasing flow of thoughts written in a unique style not yet ventured by many publishers. 12. You will be exposed to mind blowing, inspiring contents involving all of the above claims. This work goes beyond the capacity of any work that may rival it. 13. Most importantly, this unique book is conceptualised, researched and written by a single author. Over years of dedication, containing 1000s of references, these contents have finally been compiled from evoked thoughts to awe-inspiring literature.
The encyclopaedia isn't published. Yet ,variety & depth of these articles allude to the same in the 150 subj book.