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Special report: Sugar -  the bitter truth?
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The amount of fructose lurking in your juice carton also depends on whether the manufacturer has added extra sugar. However, to give an idea of why anti-sugar campaigners are so worried about fruit juice, 12fl oz of unsweetened apple juice contain nine teasp-oons of sugar (36 grams) – even more than a can of cola, which has about eight and a quarter teaspoons. Public health bodies are starting to listen. The World Health Organization (WHO) now says that sugar restrictions must be considered in order to stem the global ‘tidal wave’ of cancer. WHO is thought to be on the brink of revising its guide- lines on manufacturer added sugar (including the sugar from honey, syrups and fruit juices), down from ten per cent to five per cent of our daily calorie intake – this means around six teaspoons a day for women. We can only guess what John Yudkin, who died in 1995, would have made of the wide acceptance of his ideas. His book Pure, White and Deadly is back in print – this time with an introduction by Robert Lustig. ‘I think he would have been pleased,’ says his biochemist son, Professor Michael Yudkin. ‘Not to say, “I told you so”, but because my father’s great passion was public health and he saw the world being harmed by something he thought was preventable.’ David Gillespie believes that we are on the brink of a public health revolution – similar to what’s happened with tobacco. ‘But this is not going to take anywhere near as long,’ he predicts. ‘The early anti-tobacco campaigners didn’t have the internet and social media. A few powerful people had a stranglehold on the data but that isn’t the case any more. In ten years’ time, parents are going to be looking back and saying, “Can you believe that they used to feed fruit juice to children?”’
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