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Kabanza operators in Zomba  blast sex workers over sex demands
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Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
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The year 2014 is ending and we drawing closer to 2015, Malawi24 goes deep to investigate the progress of small scale business and the challenge they face. Small scale business is done by a large number of people in this country compared to large scale businesses. But what impact does this have on the development of this country and an individual life at large. We look on the bicycle operation business locally known as ‘Kabaza’ operated by some men at Jali market in Zomba District. We spoke to Joseph Mapiko who started running the business in 2010. Mapiko narrates his story interestingly. He indicated that despite some challenges, the business has changed the life of his family. He said on a day he makes approximately to K2500, enough money to support his family. But this is not the only side of his story. He said women are a big block to their business and prosperity. He said, they hire Kabaza and when they reach their destination they refuse to pay but rather offer their body. He narrated, ” I run a bicycle business, locally known as ‘Kabaza’. I have been in this business for 4 years. It has changed my life. But sometimes in this business we face setbacks. We are hired but different people of different calibres. We carry people who are drunk and upon demanding our money they threaten to beat us. But the big risk is when u have carried a woman. Usually they don’t like to pay. They offer their body in exchange for the lift. Some of the men agree to this, but others they don’t. This is a threat to our lives and is putting us in danger. It this has seen some of us to lose their lives from a deadly disease called HIV/AIDS.” Mapiko who has a family and responsibility to take care added that a change of government also contribute to the dwindled profits of their business. He said with the government of 2011 business was profitable. But today its just a song. NEXT
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