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67 Keyboard Shortcuts to Improve  Productivity contd..
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
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Sh F1 – reveals formatting pane (so you can troubleshoot unexpected formatting on your page, for example) Sh alt d – insert today’s date Sh alt up/down arrow – move the complete paragraph up or down Ctrl h – find and exchange (h? Go figger…) Word Outlining feature (- a fantastic tool for planning) (This feature is accessed from View/Document Views/Outline, or from the “Shortcuts” at the right of the bottom Status Bar. If these don’t show, right click the Status Bar and tick: “Shortcuts”.) The brilliant thing with Word outlining is that you can collapse whole sections of text – by clicking the plus/minus key; and then you can easily move them around – up, down, left, right – by using the arrow keys while holding Alt and Shift. This allows really elegant reorganisation of your document. And being able to toggle between seeing different levels enables you to switch easily between the overview and the detailed view. Alt Shift + – expand item Alt Sh _ (the -/_ key) – collapse item Alt Sh 1 or 2 or 3 etc – show all levels up to that one for the whole document Outlook Ctrl Sh m – new email (mail). Alt s – send. F9 – send/receive all accounts. Excel Change cell format Ctrl # – date Crtl Sh ~ – general Ctrl Sh $ – currency Ctrl Sh % – percentage Borders Ctrl Sh & – border around selection (black) Ctrl Sh _ – removes border around selection Rows/Columns Ctrl spacebar – select column (for multiple columns, arrow left/right after selection), then: Ctrl – – remove selected column(s), or: Ctrl Sh + – add column(s) Sh spacebar – select row (for multiple rows, arrow up/down after selection), then: Ctrl – – remove selected row(s), or: Ctrl Sh + – adds row(s) Other Ctrl ; – inserts date Ctrl PgUp/PgDn – move between worksheets Evernote Ctrl Alt n – creates a new Evernote note on your screen Windows a – text you have highlighted is transferred into a new Evernote note Ctrl Alt v – pastes the clip board contents into a new note in Evernote F11 – Toggle note list display on and off (see more of the preview) Ctrl F11 Toggle note preview view on and off (See more of the note list) Ctrl ; – enters date and time. (A bit of a weird one to remember – except it’s the same as Excel. So: learn once, use twice!) This is useful: I know that Evernote includes a note’s creation date or the time it was updated, but sometimes you want to record the date you added a particular piece of information within an existing note. Shift right click on any file in Windows Explorer to get the option to “Copy as path“. You can paste this path into an Evernote note as a hyperlink (highlight text, right click/ hyperlink) making it easy to open those. I use this a lot in “project summary notes”, where I want to be able to easily open any of my 3 or 4 main project files. (Note; when you paste, it includes quote marks at each end which you need to delete.) Firefox Ctrl Sh del – allows you to delete cookies, which is useful when you are testing various aspects of your internet marketing work. Also works for Internet Explorer and Chrome. Click anywhere in the url box, then: Home, then Shift +End. I do this dozens of times most days – it’s second nature now. I use it when I want to delete the url and type my own in, or paste a new url over it from the clipboard. F9 – reload the page (from the cache memory on your computer)
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