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Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
Women’s Power Book
‘Knowledge is power’
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C. PRESENT - MODERN CIVILIZATION: With it enabling women to express their power, while discussing about modern civilisation becomes a must, expressing less noted contribution of women in its formation makes discussion about factors leading to modern civilisation equally so. Beyond amazingly pinpointing its starting date (not done before), aiding women aiding all, this book explores its formation through many contributions and highlights women’s contributions. Giving exact date of start of modern civilisation, it discusses 5 important personalities, 5 incidents, 9 civilisations and about 9 types of revolutions including 9 ‘revolutions against nature’ that in combination formed the modern civilisation. Revolution against nature gives us the power we have. FORMATION OF MODERN CIVILIZATION: Unique staging of revolutions that made our Modern Civilization: Revolution Against (Done for the first time) .... God: Darwin and Darwinism Religion: Protestant Reformation and its sequel Empire: French, American and Indian revolutions Rich: Communism Race: Antislavery and civil rights movements Men: Feminism Taboo: Sexual Revolution Rigidity: Post Modernism Nature’s power- A. technology B. Communication C. Industrial Rev D. Education E. Capitalism F. Language G. Medical H. Dress I. UN J. Sports K. Entertainment K, Democracy Incidents: 1. Mixing of people 2. World wars 3. Space travel 4. Atom bomb Contribution by ‘pocket civilisations: 1. Christian civilisation 2. Islamic civilisation 3. Judaeo civilisation 4. Hindu civilisation 5. Roman and Greek civilisation 6. Sinic civilisation 7. African civilisation 8. European empire By great individuals: 1. Darwin 2. Marx 3. Freud 4. Einstein 5. Gandhi THE MODERN CIVILIZATION - AS IT IS Is marriage valid? Should women work? Women’s success statistics Will modern civilisation continue? The final revolution against man himself forming a ‘woman’s world’ in the future is going on. Not all being honky dory, converting duty to right, although modern civilisation has solved the state unit problem through democracy, it hasn’t done so on the family unit. Beyond examining the latter, being a ‘woman’s bible’, it advices whether women should work or not. Arguing ‘rules of bout help women’ and tracing upward graph of their success, it suggests a ‘woman’s world’, not in the too distant future but just in 80 years time. However, with wars rising masculinity and orthodox civilisation bringing back olden days for women, it discusses both factors causing war and peace. Challenging Harvard Professor Huntington’s ‘Clash of civilisations’, with ample proof, it sees merging of all ‘pocket civilisations’ into a unified, unidirectional modern civilisation. The fearful Islamic terrorism is simply brushed aside as temporary, like that of IRA.